Giovanna Ewbank leaves fans shocked with a revamped look

Giovanna Ewbank always draws attention for her beauty and good shape on social media. And she stole the show this week by sharing with fans a photo in which she appears with the completely revamped look. On Instagram, she showed off her long red hair.

In the caption of the post, she still left a joke and interacted with fans, as usual. “I stole it from Cleo! Oops, no, from Chloe! I think I’ll be like this forever, how about it? Did you like it?”, she asked, who received almost 200 thousand likes in a short period of time.

Check out the publication by Giovanna Ewbank showing off the new look:

The birth of Zyan

Still talking about Giovanna Ewbank, it is worth remembering that the famous decided to give some details of the pregnancy of Zyan, her youngest son with Bruno Gagliasso. During an interview with the presenter Astrid Fontenelle on YouTube, the muse said that she almost ended up giving birth in the car going to the maternity hospital.

My birth was a dream birth, I ‘spit’ Zyan, I almost had it in the car for you to have an idea. I started having contractions at home, I didn’t know I didn’t have contractions because I wasn’t feeling pain. I was even doing some stories and then I said: ‘Oh, calm down, people’. And I was already having it and I didn’t know it,” she said, with great humor.

Gio also says that she had a different perception of pregnancy before she got pregnant. “‘Cause I never really wanted to have a baby. And I had a very wrong idea about the pregnancy, which for me was all very wonderful. For my mother it was all very difficult, but for me it was all very pleasant. When I got there, his head was already coming out. And breastfeeding is also going smoothly,” he concluded.

Mental health

Recently, Giovanna Ewbank used the web to vent about mental health. “I have a support network of amazing women! If it weren’t for them, I would never be able to be where I am, society demands a lot from us. I often feel tired, I want to disappear… I turn off my phone and try to calm down,” she said.

I’ve been hospitalized a few times with exhaustion and stress, and it’s really bad. So today I try to maintain my mental health and know my limits. Today I know that I can’t handle everything and not everyone”, said the famous.

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