Giovanna Ewbank reveals something shocking in her marriage: “Crazy”

Giovanna Ewbank participated in the program What’s This Story, Porchat? and said that your marriage ceremony with Bruno Gagliasso was not romantic at all, different than you imagine. In short, she He said he had his name changed several times.

“What happened: Bruno didn’t have a bachelor party, so he took a limousine and stayed all night drinking with his friends. The limousine had a flat tire and they stayed all night at a gas station, drinking madly. They arrived at the wedding very crazy and made the priest drink”, began the blonde.

Laughing, the beauty said that the priest was enchanted by his cousin, called Pâmela, who was at the event as godmother. The religious changed the name of the bride at least three times.

“When I arrived, everyone was very crazy and the priest drank and fell in love with my cousin Pâmela, who was godmother. He thought she was beautiful, he couldn’t stop praising her. And during the ceremony, he said: ‘Bruno, you and Pamela’. And I said: ‘It’s Giovanna’. He spent the entire ceremony calling me Pamela. I said it was Giovanna and said she was going to kill Bruno. In the end, he married Bruno to Pâmela because he didn’t call me Giovanna at any time during the ceremony, I have recorded it. This wedding was chaos, we say that we need to get married again to get married properly”, said the actress.


In recent days, Giovanna Ewbank has been talked about on social media, when complaining about a work on the apartment of Fernanda Gentil, who is her neighbor in Rio de Janeiro.

“Look, Fernanda Gentil, I’m thinking so much, so much! You know that today I record at dawn, right, so I wanted to take a break before going to the recording to stay until five in the morning. It’s just that there’s a work here on my wall! How crazy, Fernanda Gentil! I can not stop thinking about you. Oh look, Fernanda and Priscila, you beautiful and wonderful ones in Paris: are you ok there? Is it cool there in Paris, babes? The least I want for this work on the side is a gift, ok? Of good neighborhood, that you will be. It’s the bare minimum,” she said.

Upon becoming aware of the colleague’s complaint, Gentili used Instagram stories to respond to the complaint.

“Hey, how’s it going? This is your neighbor, sorry for the noise. I’m passing by to see if you want a pot of sugar or some help with the kids,” she said.

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