Giovanna Ewbank shows off abs and collects praise

Giovanna Ewbank showed that he continues to take care of himself and boast a body to envy. On her official Instagram account, she shared a series of photos in which she appears in a pink crop top, leaving her tummy on display.

In the caption of the publication, she said that she was enjoying Monday. “Today I woke up like this! I got a full second,” she said, who quickly received almost 80,000 likes. The fans and friends of the actress and presenter reacted in the comments box and did not spare praise for the muse. “The most beautiful”, wrote a verified netizen, who still left passionate emojis. “Beautiful”, published the also actress Giovanna Lancellotti.

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unusual story

In recent program participation What’s This Story, Porchat?from the channel GNTGiovanna Ewbank told an unusual story involving her husband, Bruno Gagliasso. At the time, she said that the wedding ceremony was very different from what people imagine and even had her name changed.

What happened: Bruno didn’t have a bachelor party, so he took a limousine and spent the whole night drinking with friends. The limousine had a flat tire and they stayed all night at a gas station, drinking madly. They arrived at the wedding very crazy and made the priest drink,” she said.

Father got drunk

Having fun telling the story, Giovanna Ewbank said that the religious ended up changing her name at various times and called her Pâmela, the name of her cousin, who was godmother at the ceremony.

When I arrived, everyone was very crazy and the priest drank and fell in love with my cousin Pâmela, who was godmother.. He thought she was beautiful, he couldn’t stop praising her. And during the ceremony, he said: ‘Bruno, you and Pamela’. And I said: ‘It’s Giovanna’. He stayed the entire ceremony calling me Pâmela”, he said, laughing.

I said it was Giovanna and said I was going to kill Bruno. In the end, he married Bruno to Pâmela because he didn’t call me Giovanna at any time during the ceremony, I have recorded it. This wedding was chaos, we say that we need to get married again to get married properly”, concluded the famous, who amused the guests and the public present in the program of Fábio Porchat.

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