Giovanna Lancellotti shows off powerfully in Angra dos Reis

Whenever you appear on social media, Giovanna Lancellotti stands out for its beauty and good shape. In recent days, the actress appeared on a luxury boat, enjoying the beautiful landscapes of Angra dos Reis, in Rio de Janeiro.

With a very tight piece of warmth, the artist who has already starred in soap operas TV Globo stole the show flaunting his toned body and his delicate tattoo on his arm.

“Perfection live in nature,” said one admirer. “I can’t get enough of saying she’s too hot,” said the second person. “Wow, how good it is to love this star”, highlighted the last one.


About to debut in a project alongside Bruna Marquezine and Manu Gavassi on Netflix, Giovanna Lancellotti said in a conversation with Quem magazine that since she was 15 runs after good opportunities in the acting career. She also revealed that she came to live alone in São Paulo, very young, because of commitments.

“When I was 15, I was already living alone in São Paulo. I went to the capital to study to be an actress. Of course, I had all the support of my family, but there, alone, I had to mature, be responsible with my commitments and schedules, manage all the things I hadn’t done before. At 17, I was in Rio de Janeiro to do my first soap opera. From an early age, I knew very well what I wanted and went after my career. I have the greatest affection for my trajectory, for my achievements”, he said.

Achieving a lot along her successful trajectory, the artist admitted to valuing her money and always seeking to be aware of her privileges.

“I value a lot for quality. I know of brands that are not so well known, but they are wonderful. I am always attentive to this fashion universe. As a consumer, I look at the finish of the pieces, but I’m not guided by this luxury-only look. I’m very relaxed about shopping. I’m not that person who goes to the mall and goes shopping without thinking. I am very aware of the value of money. When I go to the mall, I already have more or less idea of ​​what I want. And it’s always something more punctual and with reason”, argued the star.

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