Gisele Bündchen shares devastating click and flaunts curves

Gisele Bundchen continues to be successful with its publications on social networks. On her official Instagram account, she shared lovely photos from a photoshoot done for V Magazine. She comes with different looks, including a body that stole the show.

In the short caption of the publication, the model promoted the magazine in question, but did not elaborate. The success was immediate and she received more than 700 thousand likes on the post. Fans and friends reacted in the comments box. Among the celebrities who left messages are the actresses Maisa and Isis Valverde and the singer Ivete Sangalo.

See the photos published by Gisele on social media:

Philosophized on the web

A few months ago, Gisele Bündchen used the same Instagram account to reflect. On that occasion, she shared a photo in which she appears meditating on the sand and left a textão in which she reflects and talks about the new moon.

“That time of the month… The new moon is here inviting us to stop, go inside and put our intentions on what we want to manifest,” he began in the caption. “Visualize what areas you want to work on and use that time to make the necessary changes to achieve your goals. 3 tips that can help you do this:- Put it on paper so you can focus better. – Direct your energy towards something constructive. – Be open to changes and unexpected results.

Finally, she left a piece of advice. “Know that everything is happening to you for some greater reason. Embrace our differences, give others the dignity of their own process, without judgment. Everyone processes things in their own way. Be clear about what you want, believe in yourself and have faith. Happy new moon!” she concluded.

love for nature

Participating in the program Conversation with Bialgives GlobeGisele Bündchen spoke about her love for nature and its healing power.

I think nature has a healing power. If we can get closer and closer to her, more joy, more happiness we will feel. Our greatest wealth is nature. Natural resources are finite and we have to remember that. We can preserve the environment by choosing products that value the forest and the people who live in it, empowering communities,” he said.

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