Giulia Costa remembers Marcos Paulo (Photo: Reproduction/Instagram)

The actress Giulia Costa22 years old, recalled through his social networks this week, some unforgettable moments with his father, Marcos Paulwhat died in November 2012due to a pulmonary embolism.

At the Instagramone person wanted to know than Flávia’s daughter Alessandra missed her father more. The young woman then replied: “In him in himself, there is no doubt that his laughter and his hand (it was big and made a caress/stroke) very good, apart from that when he gave me his hand, he swallowed my little hand).”started.

“But what I miss the most is having him in general. To be able to tell you that I’m studying Cinema, that I direct, that I became a vegetarian, that I got my first job in the dream field now. Tell him that I love radishes just like he does and that people say we look the same. And to know what he would make of it all. Where would he be. What would our relationship be like? Who would he vote for in the elections? And what would he think of BBB…”Giulia detailed.

Giulia Costa remembers Marcos Paulo (Photo: Reproduction/Instagram)

Comparisons with mother

In another moment, Giulia Costa commented on the frequent times she is compared to her mother, Flávia Alessandra.

“It’s very boring. Machismo is so ingrained and people are so mean that they want to create a rivalry even between mother and daughter. In addition to not understanding that we have completely different styles and tastes”wrote.

Recently, the daughter of actress Flávia Alessandra, had already commented on these comparisons during an interview with Patrícia Kogut’s column. “Of course, being a woman, I already feel a lot of aesthetic pressure. Being the daughter of a muse, this is even stronger. People love a comparison, it gets sickening.”commented.

“Some people invent a rivalry between mother and daughter that doesn’t exist. It is a great external pressure for us to fit into aesthetic standards. I try to show that I eat everything. And I always get messages like: ‘Shut up’, ‘It’s going to be huge’, etc. I try to relax as much as possible, because if I don’t, I’ll get affected little by little and it will snowball”, vented.

Regarding charges, Giulia said she seeks to be very transparent with her fans about these issues.. “I try to talk a lot about how to deal with the social network. The truth is, when it comes to women, people are never satisfied. Bruna Marquezine loses weight and then she is very thin, she gets fat, she is already fat, it is never enough. So, we need to be very well in the head, stop and take a deep breath. Because we read very mean things.” stated.

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