Alcione remembers a health problem that made it impossible for her to have children

In addition to being an excellent sports reporter, narrator and presenter, Glenda Kozlowski he is also a specialist in the art of delighting fans with his beautiful publications on social networks. At the age of 48, the famous draws public attention because of her beauty and good shape.

This was evident in a recent post by the presenter, who currently works on TV Bandeirantes and BandNews FM radio. In the record published on his Instagram, she appears bathing in the sea with a red piece.



In the video, Glenda Kozlowski appears wearing a very short bikini that highlighted even more her powerful curves and her unmistakable beauty. The publication was made in October, during the famous trip to Ceará.

“Before a big coverage, like the World Cup in Qatar, I’m going to the sea. I look for nature. I will meditate. To pray. To thank. Ask for protection and guidance so that I can do the best I can there at the Worlds. I ask for protection and guidance. And nature always sends me a message. Which I take with me. Thank you Ceará”she wrote in the caption of the post.

Already in the comments, accolades were inevitable. Some netizens even compared Glenda with another very famous presenter who draws attention because of her beauty and good shape: Patricia Poet.

“Guys, I am impressed by the beauty of Glenda Kozlowski. For me she is much better than Patrícia Poeta”shot a follower. “I think they are both beautiful, but Glenda really stands out”answered another. “This woman, in addition to being talented, is very beautiful, she is always to be congratulated”praised another fan.

Cares with the body

And speaking of Glenda Kozlowski’s beauty and fitnessthe sports reporter told in an interview with journalist Marina Bonini, from Quem magazine, How to keep your body fit.

“I was an athlete and I have this awareness of well-being and health. Like it or not, we end up keeping it. I always had that with me. I never stopped playing sports and doing physical activities”, she explained.

The presenter also mentioned, the care you seek to have with your skin and confessed that he only started doing this a short time ago. “After a long time I started to take care of my skin, but I’m still not crazy about cream and botox”, told the famous.

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“It’s not even that I seek a more natural beauty, but I accept that time passes. There comes a time when you don’t have much to do. We dye our hair, put a botox here and there, but time passes and the coolest thing is to see that time is passing, but you are healthy”highlighted.

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