Carmo Dalla Vecchia is seen at a gas station in Rio

Currently in Cara & Courage and success in the rerun of A Favorita, Carmo Dalla Vecchia was clicked during an unusual moment in Rio de Janeiro. She was seen as she went about her routine.

Married to novel author João Emanuel Carneiro, the actor was caught by paparazzi while filling up his car at a gas station. The establishment is located in the South Zone of the capital of Rio de Janeiro.

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Carmo Dalla Vecchia is seen at a gas station in Rio (Photos: Fabricio Pioyani/ AgNews)
Carmo Dalla Vecchia is seen at a gas station in Rio
Carmo Dalla Vecchia is seen at a gas station in Rio

opened the heart

Recently, Carmo Dalla Vecchia surprised by exposing her marriage to author João Emanuel Carneiro. The moment happened during participation in the Super Dança dos Famosos.

In a chat with Quem magazine, the actor opened his heart. He said he was extremely happy to be able to help other men with his statement.

“I thought 50 years before speaking. I’m glad this helps other men not take so long. I have helped other couples who come to me for advice. I didn’t suffer attacks… Two or three beings in the dark spoke nonsense among thousands who identify more with the beautiful side of having children and a happy marriage”, he said.

The actor, who is the father of João Pedro, from his marriage to João Emanuel, stated that he wants to have more children. “Living fatherhood is much better than thinking about it. If I could, I would have more. I always want to have more dreams and have fun working and hug more and more my son, my friends, my family, my husband and having the chance to touch other people’s hearts,” he confessed.


During her participation in Super Dança dos Famosos last year, Carmo Dalla Vecchia opened up about her personal life. On the occasion, the actor made an emotional statement to João Emanuel Carneiro.

“It’s a song that’s basically about sisterhood, about empathy, about family and me personally now, I would like to pay a great tribute to my family and declare my love for my son Pedro and my husband João. I would love to declare my love for both of you.”said.

“I think this positioning is very important so that other people can also see this and feel the same. sor an extremely happy guy, extremely accomplished, with a profession that I love, with friends, with a family that accepts me exactly the way I am.”

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