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Lived by Mauro Mendonça in João Emanuel Carneiro’s feuilleton, Marcelo’s father is one of the characters who is aware of Flora’s evil. Because of this, the rich man ends up in the clutches of the villain, who devises a plan to overthrow him. When being deceived and believing that a tragedy has taken over his family, Gonçalo dies in A Favorita.

Gonçalo dies in the soap opera A Favorita?

Gonçalo dies in A Favorita with a massive heart attack caused by Flora. The businessman believes in Flora’s words, who lies and says that Lara (Mariana Ximenes) and Irene (Gloria Menezes) are dead. As the villain played by Patrícia Pilar had exchanged the rich man’s antihypertensive medication for flour pills, Gonçalo does not survive the shock.

Everything happens in the final weeks of the soap opera. Gonçalo has discovered the truth about Flora’s crimes and wants to reveal everything to the police. He even sees a video that was in Dodi’s care that clearly shows that Flora murdered Dr. Salvatore.

When Gonçalo is about to go to the police to prove Donatela’s innocence and send Flora back to jail, he despairs when he discovers that his granddaughter and wife are in danger. He then goes to the ranch and finds a scene of horror.

Upon arriving at the place, where he later dies in the soap opera A Favorita, Gonçalo sees a lot of blood spread around the place. Flora appears all bloody and hints that she murdered Lara and Irene. The truth is that it was all just an act, but since Gonçalo doesn’t know that, he starts to feel sick.

Gonçalo falls and then dies in A Favorita. The businessman’s last breaths are agonizing. As he suffers from a heart attack as he struggles on the floor, Flora lies some more and describes the way she took Lara and Irene’s lives. Gonçalo then does not resist.

Gonçalo dies in A Favorita when he was about to catch the villain – Photo: Reproduction/Globo

Flora makes other victims in the soap opera

Gonçalo is not the only one who dies in A Favorita because of Flora. The first victim of the villain is the son of Gonçalo, Marcelo. The Fontini heir is murdered with three shots after he discovers Flora’s secrets and is about to reveal that Lara is not his biological daughter.

Years later, after Flora gets out of jail, the bad character’s trail is huge. She murders the doctor Salvatore, who was one of the main witnesses of the crime for having spoken to Marcelo shortly before Donatela’s husband passed away. Flora sets up Claudia Raia’s character and makes it look like Donatela committed Salvatore’s murder

Afterwards, Maíra begins to investigate the doctor’s death and discovers Flora’s crimes. To get rid of Juliana Paes’ character, Flora decides to run over the young woman, but she survives. At the hospital, Flora poses as a nurse and finishes the job, this time Maíra doesn’t escape.

Flora’s accomplice in many crimes, Dodi is also Flora’s victim. He has a clash with the villain in the plot chapters and ends up taking the worst.

Irene believed in Flora’s innocence, which costs her husband’s life in the novel:

Mauro Mendonça made only 4 soap operas after A Favorita

Actor who played Gonçalo in A Favorita, Mauro Mendonça is currently 91 years old and away from the cameras for some time. The last soap opera of the famous was Êta Mundo Bom, which aired in 2016, when he also released his latest film, Tô Ryca.

Between the end of A Favorita and his last telenovela in 2016, Mauro was in three more serials, Paraíso (2009), Passione (2010) and TiTiTi (2010 – 2011). In the meantime, he has also appeared in the series As Brasileiras (2012), Gabriela (2012) and the film Os Homens São de Marte… E é pra lá que Eu Vou (2014).

Married to Rosamaria Murtinho for over 60 years, the actor does not have social media, but he appears from time to time in photos on his wife’s official Instagram. They are the parents of Mauro Mendonça Filho, Rodrigo Mendonça and João Paulo Mendonça.

mauro mendonca and rosamaria murtinho
Actor and wife currently – Photo: Reproduction/Instagram/@roseiramur

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