Grace Ives' soundtrack for a teen movie

An unknown singer who sounds both familiar and pleasantly new at the first notes of her album: on her second album Janky Star New York Grace Ives combines classic pop genres (r&b, girl group style) with an artisanal approach. The result sounds like the soundtrack for a teenage film, made on second-hand equipment in the living room.

‘On The Ground’ is a light-hearted pop song with strangely sucking sounds crawling through it. The vocals in the love song ‘Isn’t It Lovely’ sound like a cooing dove, but Ives’ tormenting voice is neutralized by an ironic undertone (‘Isn’t it lovely baby, to wake up beside you’), while birds chirp excessively on the background.

Ives likes a rudimentary drum sound. For many songs she used a computer where the snare drum sounds like a cardboard box. But that also fits with the homely atmosphere that Ives grants us.

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