Graciele Lacerda shows kitchen details in an apartment in SP

After going through a wait of more than a year, the couple finally Graciele Lacerda and Zezé Di Camargo are able to enjoy the family triplex apartment located in São Paulo. On social media, the two have shown some details to fans.

Through her Instagram profile, Graciele shared some stories from part of the apartment to her more than 2 million followers. While cooking, she showed off details of the space, which has a lot of luxury.

In the videos, the fitness muse missed part of the decoration, which had a stove with black and gold tones. The room also has several mirrors with LED lights and cabinets also with golden details.

Before Graciele had already commented with the fans that your favorite space is not the kitchen, but the outdoor area, where the pool is.

“The choice of this apartment was due to this pool area. As the mô is very fond of home and was used to living in very large places, and I wanted to live in an apartment, I had to find one that had this characteristic. That he could get here without being surprised. He is loving, more and more in love. He says he looks at the view and it looks like he’s flying”, said Graciele.

plans to get pregnant

With more than 10 years living together, Graciele Lacerda and Zezé are now ready to take another step in their relationship. According to the famous, they are thinking about building a family and having children.

In conversation with Quem magazine, the influencer told details of the artificial insemination process and revealed that they have already tried to do it three times. Graciele confessed that both are afraid of coming twins.

“We tried twice, it didn’t work. She was afraid of having twins and so we were putting only one embryo. And the doctor said: ‘Let’s put two’. And I: ‘But I just want a child [risos]’. Now let’s go to the third attempt. The doctor explained that it helps to place two embryos and I’m getting ready, trying to calm down. Now we are thinking about the possibility of placing two embryos and whatever God wants”, he began.

The brunette also talked about why she started treatment. “There is no way to do it naturally because Zezé is vasectomized. Also, because I asked him to do it because I didn’t think about having children. It was something he asked me to review, to think about… He said: ‘let’s think about it because you might regret it’. I was 38 years old and had to start treatment to get pregnant. I found out about endometriosis, had to have an operation and that ended up making it difficult for me to produce my eggs,” she said.

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