Grazi Massafera reveals charge and vents: “It’s a pressure”

At 39, the actress Thank you Massafera participated in Domingão with Huck and broke the word about the pressure she faces to get a new boyfriend. The blonde, who ended the relationship recently, exposed her current situation.

in the conversation with Luciano Huck, Grazi said he was experiencing a moment of intense self-love. She declared that she is in love with herself and assured that she has been feeling good.

“I’m super in love with myself. I thought this phrase was super narcissistic before, but I think it has a power of self-esteem, which, over time, you will understand the power of it. You feel good,” she stated.

In her view, being single it seems that it puts her down in the point of view of many sexist people. The actress said she faced pressure for a relationship.

“It’s pressure, right? People who are women, when we are not on someone’s side, it’s as if you don’t validate you as a woman. What a crazy thing, huh? It’s like you need to have someone on your side to feel or be a well-resolved woman, and that’s not it,” she commented.

career turn

In an interview with Gshow, Grazi Massafera praised the cast of truths secrets, plot written by Walcyr Carrasco. In the plot, she lived Larissaa model who gets lost in the world of drugs and enters a critical situation.

“Larissa was a divider in her career and even in her profession. With her I understood a lot about the profession. It’s a job and a character with a big social function and I think people have received it that way too. I’m proud of it. When they told me I was a little airy. It didn’t sink in, it just did when I was there, on the day of the ceremony. That was pretty crazy. Today I have this nomination as one of the greatest prides of my career. At the time I was kind of anesthetized, people were talking and it seemed like it wasn’t me, it was so big that I didn’t notice it”, he declared.

After giving life to the leading roles, the artist confessed that he was looking to play a character that would take him out of his comfort zone.

“Believing that I was capable of doing something different from what I had already done. I was always credited with a character according to my stereotype. Larissa is no different, my stereotype helped her construction, but it was the deconstruction that made her shine”, she said.

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