"Grey's Anatomy"-Star Jesse Williams: The hype about nude videos on the Internet

Second Stage, the production company behind the play, said it was working to remove the posts from the web and requested that Williams’ photos not be shared. It was added that she is expanding her staff to help enforce her phone policy to educate attendees about the strict ban on cell phones during performances in the future.

Jesse Williams: Tony nominated for theater role

Jesse Williams, especially through his role as Dr. Jackson Avery gained notoriety in the series “Grey’s Anatomy”. In 2021 he got out of the well-known doctor drama. Now he is appearing on the theater stage for the first time.

For the actor there was the week, but also good news, which was almost overshadowed by the leaks. He was nominated for a coveted Tony Award for his performance in the play. In the Broadway play he is on the theater stage for the first time. In “Take Me Out” he plays a gay baseball player. Most of the scenes take place in the dressing room or in the shower, for which the 40-year-old is completely naked on stage.

During his visit to Andy Cohen’s Watch What Happens Live, he was asked about his nude scenes and how the audience would react to them. Williams replied, “Everyone around me was like, ‘Are you serious? Are you sure? Naked, naked? Naked?’ And everyone makes such a big deal. It’s just a body. Once you see it, you realize whatever. It’s a body. I just can’t make such a big deal out of it.”

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