Guide with music up to Celentano in Via Gluck

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“Azzurro” is (also) the name of the book by music journalist Eric Pfeil

from Peter Pisa

Could it be that another musician gets the Nobel Prize in Literature? But Fabrizio De André, outstanding among the cantautori, is already dead, as is Dalla, and Al Bano (“Felizità”) is unlikely to be. Lucio Battisti’s songwriter Giulio Rapetti is 85, Francesco De Gregori, whose hero is Bob Dylan, is 71.


The book “Azzurro” is about the music that makes Italy what it is. ALSO matters. 100 songs and their stories as companions to Rome, Rimini, Bologna, Naples – and to Via Gluck in Milan, where Adriano Celentano – photo above – was born in poverty 84 years ago at number 14. He composed the most beautiful song in the world about it – and not only the music journalist Eric Pfeil thinks so. About leaving and coming back, about tar and concrete and the lack of grass.

Music of longing that sometimes sounds while reading. There is no other way than to sit in front of the record player with this travel guide.

Eric Arrow:
Kiepenheuer & Witsch.
368 pages.
14.40 euros

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