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Guilherme Leão became famous on social media after going viral for being the hot boy on the subway. At the time, he became a subject in the media, and got many jobs as a model.

Soon after, the heartthrob got a spot in The Farm 11, and became the subject of some plots within the rural reality show on Record TV. In exclusive conversation with entertain, he vented about his trajectory on the program, talked about his life as a DJ, and even revealed if he would join OnlyFans. Furthermore, he highlighted the way he deals with public harassment.



Entretê-How do you rate your participation in A Fazenda?

Guilherme Leão: It was a very different experience from anything I’ve been through. The feeling of being under pressure all the time, being recorded 24 hours a day is not something you get used to so easily, and being surrounded by people with characteristics that are often opposite to yours is a great psychological challenge. However, I believe that going through this psuch an intense program and even staying there for two months, contributed a lot to my personal growth.

Entertain-Would it change anything if I went in again?

Guilherme Leão: I was myself the whole time. And would again. But today maybe with some different thoughts about how the game will unfold. Sometimes you have to pretend to be crazy and forget about a pI listen to emotion to let reason take over. After all, it’s a game and you have to know how to play it.

-Has the reality show helped you to earn good money?

Guilherme Leão: It helped a lot. I did some nice jobs, yes, but my big goal to establish myself financially goes far beyond reaping the fruits of the farm.

The program provided me with something much more incredible, which was the opportunity to meet many people, and this will certainly have a big influence on what I want for my life other than working with music.


Entertain- You as a great heartthrob, are you bothered by harassment from women and men?

Guilherme Leão: I do not bother. But it really happens a lot. I think you have to know how to deal with itlight rope. And deep down I don’t see physical beauty as a great asset of mine, but the way I am. I think it contributes a lot more to people’s interest in me at the end of the day.

Entertain-How is working as a DJ?

Guilherme Leão: I’m currently focused on perfecting myself in Music Production. I have very cool projects to be released yet and I see this as a great factor in valuing my work.

As soon as I started playing, the Pandemic came and ended up getting in the way a little in this regard. But I’m not in a hurry because I know that when the time is right, when I have cool material with my copyright music, things end up changing and I have a lot ofconviction that my dream will come true.

-Do you feel like doing some new work on TV?

Guilherme Leão: In addition to loving music, I have always loved acting. I’ve done theater and I did well too. So I believe that someday I will be able to appear doing some work on the small screen. But at the moment I have no plans for that.


Enterte-Do you believe you have learned something personally after the reality show?

Guilherme Leão: Certainly. As I said, it was a very personal learning experience. You have to have your head on straight to withstand the pressure inside, and you end up valuing a lot of simple things for the simple fact of not being able to live them.

Being with people who want your good and your victory for example. There it is the opposite and you have to relate to people who want to put you out all the time and who still call themselves your friends.

You have to keep calm even when everything is on fire and still limit yourself to a lot of what you say because any little thing there turns into a storm, especially when an idea is expressed in an unfortunate way.

Entertain-Would you open an OnlyFans account?

Guilherme Leão: Not. Nothing against anyone who has the pleasure or need to do so. But I wouldn’t like to relate what I’ve been trying to build to something like that. I want “only fans” enjoying my sound soon.

-What was your biggest difficulty in The Farm?

Guilherme Leão: Dealing with falsehood and total difference with the other participants. There were times when it was really difficult to even hear the voice of some. But it’s a good thing that on the farm they had the animals that saved the day as an escape.

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