Guillermo del Toro has seen Avatar 2: "James Cameron is a master at the top of his game"

The mixing and mastering of the film has just been completed.

Less than three weeks before its release (December 14 in France), Avatar: The Way of the Water has not yet been shown to the press, and its world premiere will not take place until December 6. But, a lucky few have already been able to watch the long-awaited sequel to the biggest blockbuster of all time. Whose Guillermo del Torowho couldn’t help but share her sentiment on Twitter.

The Mexican director was obviously able to attend a private screening, organized with the technical team, while Jon Landau announced on social networks that the mixing and mastering of the film had just been completed, with a photo of james cameron ready to open the champagne with his staff.

A Phenomenal Achievement – Avatar: The Way of the Water is filled with majestic sights and emotions on a truly epic scale. A master at the top of his game“, tweeted Del Toro, celebrating without naming the talent of James Cameron.

Without questioning the sincerity of Guillermo del Toro’s message, we must remember that he is a long-time friend of the Canadian filmmaker. In 1997, Cameron had even saved the life of the father of Del Toro, who had been kidnapped in Mexico, by paying for him the ransom as well as a negotiator charged to communicate with the kidnappers.

The day James Cameron saved the life of Guillermo Del Toro’s father

WhileAvatar: The Way of the Water will be the attraction of the end of the year on the big screen, GDT will be the event on Netflix with its adaptation of Pinocchiowhich will be on view from December 9 on the platform.

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