However, Günther Jauch often does not come up with the idea of ​​miming the embarrassing prince himself.  In 1998 he joined Claudia Schiffer in Bremen "Bet that ..?  a pretty pair.  (Photo)

Günther Jauch is without a doubt Germany’s most popular quiz master and professional talk show host. But what does the WWM moderator actually like to do privately, who are his heart people and what does his environment look like?

Much is over Gunther Jauchs private life not known, because the “who wants to be a millionaire?” host keeps his life away from the cameras under wraps.

Günther Jauch with winery – private completely different?

One thing is clear: According to “”, the entertainer has been with the physiotherapist Dorothea (Thea) Sihler since 1988 and married in 2006 Potsdam. Jauch has been living there for a few years, when he is not staying at his winery on the Saar. As “” reports, both properties are quite handsome. Jauch’s winery from Othegraven is a kind lock, which comes along with vintage cars, castle park and endless grapevines. The property in Potsdam, which is also the residence of the family Yikes is.

Günther Jauch’s family: These are his wife and children

The quizmaster has two biological daughters with his wife Thea. Svenja was born in 1989 and Kristin was born in 1993. In addition, in December 1997, the couple adopted Katja, who was 13 months old at the time Siberia. In 2000, the two adopted nine-month-old Masha, also from Siberia. A big family that has only rarely been seen together in public.

More is known about the Jauch circle of friends. The moderator has been close friends with his TV colleague Thomas Gottschalk for many years and he also has a close relationship with the actor and comedian Olli Dittrich. Both were already on Jauch’s quiz show “Who Wants To Be A Millionaire?” to guest. Jauch is also friends with Anne Will, who moderates a political talk in the first.

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VIDEO: Already knew? This is how the WWM presenter lives privately

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