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In addition to being rich and the mother of two beautiful children, Andressa Suitecurrently married to Ambassador Gusttavo Lima, always sets the temperature on social media ablaze because of her rare and otherworldly beauty. And, by the way, she set the web on fire by appearing in a bikini.

On the occasion, the famous posed with an animal print piece, very tight, which further enhanced her healed and beyond defined curves. Another detail that stole the show was the model’s tattoo, which was highlighted in the photos. As expected, praise was not lacking.



“At these times we realize that the ambassador has luck from another world, much better than Juliana Caetano”, admitted a young man. “People from heaven, what a spectacle”, declared the second admirer. “All my possible compliments to this beauty,” joked the latter.

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Andressa Suita and Gusttavo Lima

Already in conversation with Sabrina Sato, Andressa Suite said that, as incredible as it may seem, the period he spent away from Gusttavo Lima was necessary in his life. In addition, the artist said that the couple has been maturing more and more over the years together.

“It was so necessary, I matured so much as a woman. And before, I depended on my happiness on my husband, Gusttavo. And today I see that I have to put happiness in myself for my children to be happy. I think that God prepares everything and I don’t think that my marriage coming to an end at that moment was bad, it was very good, “she reported, who today prefers not to label her relationship with him.

“I will no longer label my relationship. It will be in God’s time. Dona Kika, I’ll tell you later off the record. I’m in favor of the family, but both have to be happy. But that time was nice, important for me to find myself again, to seek my self-esteem and to know that I am the owner of myself and not to deposit my happiness in the other. When all this happened, I even said to Gusttavo ‘thanks a lot’. I didn’t annul myself because of him, he never charged me for that, I went with myself ‘, she clarified that she was surprised by the request for separation made by the sertanejo singer.

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