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Luciene Adami was successful in the 90s when she played Guta in the soap opera Pantanal. The character drew attention for being a girl ahead of her time and now the young woman returns to the small screen with the remake of Benedito Ruy Barbosa’s feuilleton. In the Globo version, the role went to Julia Dalavia.

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What was the story of Guta in the novel Pantanal?

Guta is the daughter of Tenório and Maria Bruaca in the story of the soap opera Pantanal, she is free, sure of herself and knows what she wants. When she leaves the big city – the place where she used to live and study – to return to the swampland, she becomes her mother’s stronghold, who suffers at the hands of her moralistic and bad-tempered husband.

Guta discovers in the story of the novel Pantanal that his father has a second family and sets out to confront the patriarch. During the plot, the young woman lives a controversial romance with Marcelo, who is the son of his father with his lover, Zuleika, that is, his half-brother.

The duo’s romance remains a secret for part of the serial, as the girl is afraid of her father’s reaction. Near the final stretch of Pantanal, an event leaves the couple terrified: Guta discovers a pregnancy. However, a revelation changes everything, Zuleika reveals that Marcelo is the result of a betrayal, so he is not the son of Tenório like Guta.

Throughout the novel Pantanal, Guta also gets involved in a love triangle with Jove and catches the attention of the boy’s half-brother, Tadeu, but these romances go nowhere. The young woman ends the serial happily alongside Marcelo and the couple’s baby, after discovering the truth about her beloved’s paternity.

Changes in the 2022 soap opera

Actress Julia Dalavia, who will play the character in the remake, revealed that the character will still be a determined and independent woman, however, that she will shock audiences less than the original version.

“At that time, having that freedom of Guta was more transgressive, today it could be a friend of mine, my aunt, us. Today’s Guta is a girl who fights for the right to put herself in the world”, commented the famous at the end of March.

About the young woman’s plot in the soap opera, it was revealed that the triangle with Jove will still be addressed in the remake, details of the young woman’s romance with Marcelo so far have not been released by Globo. The character will arrive in the telenovela from the second phase, after she graduates in civil engineering in São Paulo.

Guta from the old soap opera Pantanal (Luciene Adami) and new actress Julia Dalavia (right) – Photo: Reproduction/Manchete/Globo

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Who will play the character in the Pantanal remake?

Actress Julia Dalavia, now 24 years old, has been acting since she was 8 years old in theater and cinema, her first role on the big screen was in a film by comedian Renato Aragão, O Cavaleiro Didi and Princess Lili, in 2006.

On the small screen, the first character of the actress who will play Guta in the new Pantanal soap opera was the young version of Angélica in the series As Canalhas (2013). The following year, she acted in the series Em Família and also debuted in her first soap opera, Boogie Oogie, as the character Alessandra Dias dos Santos.

Then the actress added a few more films to her resume and then debuted in Globo’s prime time with the soap opera Velho Chico (2016). She acted in Justiça (2016) and Os Dias Eram Assim (2017) and appeared in another soap opera, O Outro Lado do Paraíso (2017 – 2018).

In 2019, he starred in Órfãos da Terra and in 2022 he launches O Pastor e o Guerrilheiro and the telenovela Pantanal, in which Guta lives.

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