Richard Harris as Dumbledore

A new documentary will tell the life and career of Richard Harristhe actor who played the original dumbledore in the movies harry potter. As you will remember, the British interpreter was in charge of giving life to the Director of Hogwarts in the first two tapes.

However, this unfortunately he passed away before being able to record the rest of the films. Now, the documentary reveals some of the details of his unpredictable life, including his relationship with one of his children.

What happened to the Dumbledore actor?

The documentary premiered over the weekend. The Ghost of Richard Harris, a film about the life of the iconic British actor who played Dumbledore in the first films of Harry Potter. On the occasion, their three children, Jamie, Jared and Damianthey talked about their “unpredictable” father.

In one of the stories Jamie recalled, he reported seeing his father with his face stuck in a bag of cocaine, which was quite shocking to him. “I walked into his room and it was like a scene from Scarface“, he pointed out in reference to the iconic film.

“He dropped a pound of cocaine on the rug and opened it up and his face was in the middle. He was unpredictable.” recalled one of Richard Harris’s sons. However, this was just one of the chaotic anecdotes that he remembered about the Dumbledore actor.

On another occasion, he remembers having seen his father beat up a guy and throw his glass of beer in his face. “The guy was lying on the ground and his girlfriend was yelling at him, ‘You killed my boyfriend!’ So he knocked over his beer and realized he wasn’t going to win.. So she ran off fast,” he reminded him of this moment.

Richard Harris as Dumbledore

The synopsis of the documentary describes: “A candid look at the private and public life of Richard Harris. One of the most notable actors of his generation, this documentary explores his complexity. and, at times, his contradictory personality”.

Recently, there was an emotional meeting between two of the actors of Harry Potter, who met again in the cinema thanks to the premiere of Enola Holmes 2.

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