"He got tired"  : Cyril Féraud talks about the elimination of Enzo, Grand Slam champion

In Strongly Sunday, November 20, 2022, Cyril Féraud returned to the elimination of Enzo, the grand champion of the Grand Slam. The host assured that he felt a lot of pressure and that it tired him.

At only 19 years old, Enzo managed to realize his dream. Indeed, the young man participated in the Grand Slam, show of which he is a fan. But he did not only participate, since he managed the feat of becoming the greatest champion of the program but also of all the quiz shows on France Télévisions. A great feat that ended on November 6, 2022. A few weeks later, on November 20, 2022, Cyril Féraud, the show’s host, returned to the candidate’s adventure against Michel Drucker in Can’t wait for Sunday. “His absolute dream was to play Slam. As soon as he was 18 he registered, and he is today the greatest champion of all the games of France Télévisions“, recalled the host before specifying that Enzo had given himself the means to succeed in such a challenge since he “practiced for months in his room, putting together crossword puzzles“.

Even if Enzo had a great knowledge, he did not manage to be unanimous with all the viewers. In effect, he was the target of much criticism. “But what’s great is that, at 19, having a career like that in terms of speed, general culture, it’s nice on France Télé“, added the host. With hindsight, Cyril Féraud may have the reason for the elimination of the one he has never ceased to defend and support.

Cyril Féraud: “Obviously it’s going much slower in your head”

He got a little tired at the last moment. I think it’s a lot of pressurewe don’t realize but we shoot five, six shows a day, so when you’re champion and you arrive at the seventh shoot of the day, you are tired, things are obviously going much slower in your head“, thus specified the host of France 3.

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