Anais Gallagher

Recently, Noel Gallagher’s daughter has caused quite a bit of news in the midst of a strong debate. Anais Gallagherthe 22-year-old daughter of former Oasis musician She has also been accused of being a daughter of nepotism, due to her father’s fame.

And it is that this little by little has earned a name in the world of modeling, having a significant presence on social media. However, some have criticized it and have assured that He achieved his fame thanks to the influences of Noel.

This is what Noel Gallagher’s daughter looks like today

In the last days, Noel Gallagher’s daughter has been embroiled in a controversy over ‘nepotism babies’“. As happened with Lily-Rose Depp, the 22-year-old model received criticism from some who point out that his career has been made easier by his father.

in conversation with Daily Mail, Alanis Gallagher referred to these accusations against her. “I am very, very, extremely grateful for what my parents have been able to give me. And I will be until the day I die. Either go to college or job opportunities”the young woman began.

Anais Gallagher

However, she pointed out that it is not okay to attack her or others personally. “I think it’s not justified to attack someone personally or say they don’t work that hard, because you really don’t know.” said the daughter of Noel Gallagher.

“It would be tactless and irresponsible not to admit how privileged my life has been and how helpful my upbringing has given me.”, clarified Anais Gallagher on how her father’s fame has boosted her career. However, she claims that It doesn’t mean I don’t work hard.


In instagram, Noel Gallagher’s daughter has more than 230,000 followers. In addition to being a model, Anais Gallagher is also a photographer and shares her work in a second account.

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