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James Franco is again in the fray. And it is that after his role was revealed in the new film by director Miguel Bardem, the news caused more than one annoyance.

What do we know about the new film by Miguel Bardem?

Oscar nominee and two-time Golden Globe winner James Franco will play Cuban leader Fidel in Miguel Bardem’s new film, “Alina from Cuba“, jAlong with the actress Mía Maestro, who will be Natalia “Naty” Revuelta, the socialite born in Cuba with whom she has a passionate romance.


The film that will feature the presence of Ana Villafañe, who plays Aline Fernández, also known as the daughter of Fidel Castro, was the true story of Cuban exile turned social activist Fernández, whose birth was the result of a date between Revuelta and Castro.

The story shows how Revuelta sacrificed her personal belongings and finances and those of her doctor husband to help finance the start of the Cuban revolution.

And how Fernandez learned that she was the daughter of Fidel Castro at the age of 10, when after years of secret visits to her home, his mother revealed to him that “El Comandante” was his biological father.

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What’s going on with James Franco?

The announcement of James Franco in the role of Fidel Castro has caused more than one controversy. Nevertheless, social media exploded after the actor John Leguizamo I will use Instagram to speak out against the recent Franco’s election as the Cuban revolutionary Fidel Castro.

And it is that Leguizamo assured that Hollywood excludes Latinos but also steals narratives.

“No more Hollywood grabs and streamers! Boycott! It’s fucked up! Also, it’s a very difficult story to tell without aggrandizement, which would be wrong! I don’t have a problem with Franco, but he’s not Latino!””. The actor assured through his Instagram.

According to reports from Variety Franco’s election as Fidel Castro was supported by Castro’s daughterwho participates in the film as actress, creative and biographical consultant in the set. Filming for “Alina of Cuba” is scheduled to begin on August 15, with the crew shooting in Colombia as the first location.

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