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He was only 16: This is what a young Daniel Bruhl looked like in his first role

Daniel Brühl

With three decades of career, Daniel Bruhl has established himself as one of the foremost actors of his generation.. Especially recently, thanks to the attention it has received for some more popular projects, like his work at Marvel.

However, the truth is that the actor has been acting for a long time, decades before his current popularity. In fact, Daniel Bruhl was a young teenager when he had his first television role, in a completely different look. as we recognize it today.

A young Daniel Bruhl aged 16

In 1995, when he was a young man of only 16 years, Daniel Bruhl made his debut as a professional actor. The actor, who was born in Barcelona, ​​Spain, appeared in the German soap opera, Verbotene Liebe, where he played a troublesome boy.

Although it was originally a one-time appearance, the actor continues to appear in the following seasons, with a total of 16 episodes. In fact, much of the second half of the 1990s focused on German television.

Daniel Brühl
Daniel Brühl

However, his great recognition did not come until the beginning of the new century. In 2003, Daniel Brühl achieved global fame after starring the acclaimed Goodbye, Lenin! a tragicomedy about the fall of the Berlin wall and the end of the Cold War.

The film had nominations at the BAFTA Awards and the Golden Globes. In addition, the Europe Film Awards recognized Daniel Bruhl with the award for Best Actoramong the first in a race that it was just starting to take off.

In recent years, Daniel Bruhl reached the mainstream thanks to his appearance in the MCU. In 2016, was the villain in one of the most acclaimed Marvel movies, Captain America: Civil War, with which he won a whole new legion of fans.

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