"He was violent with friends of mine" : Gilles Verdez violently clashes Gilles Favard on the set of TPMP

Gilles Verdez and Gilles Favard were permanently scarred in the face of the chroniclers of Touche pas à mon poste, and in front of the public, thus letting their long-standing rivalry explode.

Thursday, May 12, Cyril Hanouna invited Gilles Favard on the set of Do not touch My TV, to discuss with him the disrespectful chants of Nice supporters about Emiliano Sala, the footballer from the Nantes team who died suddenly in a plane crash.

Gilles Verdez on Gilles Favard: “He put me on blacklists”

On the set of Do not touch My TV, the guest consultant lamented these insulting chants and the lack of empathy of some limitless supporters. While he denounced the inaction of Patrice Prévot in the face of these outrages, Gilles Verdez intervened to defend the president of the Nice stadium targeted by the guest. The columnist accused the guest of putting all Nice supporters in the same basket.

This intervention set fire to the powder, triggering the anger of the two men and reigniting a rivalry of several years. : “I know your speech, I’ve been practicing it for a long time”, swung Gilles Favard to his interlocutor. Gilles Verdez, in return, evoked several “antecedents” concerning his interlocutor: He prevented me from working, he put me on blacklists. He was violent with friends and colleagues of mine, he pushed them around and even insulted them for a long time”unpacked the columnist on the set of TPMP.

Gilles Verdez: “Benaïm, don’t get involved in this”

Gilles Verdez and Gilles Favard continued to clash in front of stunned columnists. When Valérie Bénaïm tried to get more information on the liabilities between the two menhis visibly annoyed colleague dismissed his question with the back of his hand: Benaim, don’t get involved in this. There are things to say”he replied.

Later, Gilles Verdez took his interlocutor to taskreminding him that he had already been sidelined from several programs, and boycotted many times. Faced with these accusations, Gilles Favard wished to justify himself : “The first time I was blacklisted from the air was because when Hiroki Sakai arrived in Marseille, I said ‘they took a sushi vendor on the right’. The second time, it’s because I told a columnist that if he continued, he was going to take a pie in the face”, said the consultant about his threats against Yoann Riou. Gilles Favard saw his testimony supported by Cyril Hanouna

“The third time, during the European championship (…) I said that the Belgians were going to be beaten, and that they were going to go home to eat fries”has finished Gilles Favard, who continued to hang on for long minutes with Gilles Verdezunder the hilarious gaze of Cyril Hanouna and the rest of the set.


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