Marcello Camargo shows the only photo he has with his parents together (Photo: Reproduction/YouTube)

Marcello Camargoson of Hebe Camargorecalled during an interview with ‘Fundo do Baú’, on Luciana Liviero’s YouTube channel, some emotional moments with his mother. This September marks the 10th anniversary of the presenter’s death.

When recalling the good memories he has of the famous, Marcello mentioned two moments they experienced during their visit to Disney. The first took place in 1969, when he was 4 years old.

In the interview, including Hebe Camargo’s son showed the only photo he has with his mother and father, businessman Décio Capuano, together: “This was 1969, we were boarding to Disney, I was 4 years old”he recalled, who is now 57 years old. Check out the photo:

Marcello Camargo shows the only photo he has with his parents together (Photo: Reproduction/YouTube)

The second remarkable moment mentioned by Marcello also happened at Disney, in commemoration of the presenter’s 80th birthday, in 2009.

“We got out of the first car of the Disney parade and she was wearing all the colors of the Brazilian flag, it was a very emotional moment. As the parade passed, the Brazilians shouted and blew kisses. I looked at it and said: ‘It’s my mother, I’m so proud!’”he said.

In addition to the rides at Disney, Hebe Camargo’s son also recalled a story involving a São Paulo shirt that bears the mother’s name.

The item even ended up in a frame and occupies the wall of the living room of Marcello’s house, in the countryside of São Paulo. “There was a game at Morumbi and they invited me. I was in the middle of the field, before the game started, to receive this shirt written ‘Hebe Forever’”he explained.

10 years of the death of Hebe Camargo

To honor Hebe Camargo on the 10th anniversary of her death, Marcello prepares something special. “We are still defining, for sure we will have a mass, probably with Father Marcelo. I know she will be very happy wherever she is, we want to do very beautiful things.”said the boy.

With the death of the cousin, Claudio Pessuttiin January of last year, Marcello was responsible for the presenter’s collection. He says that a space is being prepared to house the more than 2 thousand items, including dresses, shoes, jewelry and other personal objects left by the star.

“It will be like a museum. It will not be open to the public, but for events and celebrations. And the idea is to take this collection all over Brazil, as Claudio had already started”he explained.

During the chat with presenter Luciana Liviero, Marcello even showed the perfume that Heve wore and two miniature Schnauzer puppies, the famous’s favorites.

Check the interview in full:

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