Hélène Mannarino (Le Grand Quiz): when Cyril Hanouna revealed his romance with a television executive

This Saturday, August 6, Hélène Mannarino is at the helm of a new issue of the Grand Quiz. The opportunity to return to an episode that marked his career: when Cyril Hanouna revealed his romance with a chain manager in full live.

It is one of the rising figures of the small screen. After having excelled on Europe 1 with its Unexpected portrait, Hélène Mannarino is in the process of becoming an emblematic face of the TF1 group. This season, the 32-year-old journalist juggled between the LCI morning show, Emergency calls and the presentation of entertainment on the front page. But here it is it is with her host cap that viewers will find her from the start of the school year. A second issue of Retroscopy should indeed see the light of day. Above all, she will officiate alongside Nicolas Canteloup on a daily basis in It’s Canteloup, replacing Alessandra Sublet who has decided to draw a line under her career as an animator. Before a busy return to school, Hélène Mannarino presents a new episode of sound Big Quiz this Saturday, August 6, dedicated to the baccalaureate and during which she notably receives Diane Leyre, Elsa Bois and Jérémy Frérot. But during his young – and already brilliant – career, theren episode that Hélène Mannarino would have preferred to do without.

It all started one evening in December 2018 when Cyril Hanouna’s band frolicked in Do not touch My TV skills of Hélène Mannarino. And the least we can say is that Matthieu Delormeau – obviously not knowing his file – was not kind. “I never heard of it in my life“, he lets go in front of the cameras, before outbidding: “But that’s the fashion now! A girl is pretty for three seconds, she’s never done anything in her life, she’s pretty, so she’s got talent. So the Iris Mittenaere, Tatiana Silva who makes the weather… I don’t know who it is, me, it must be a vase among the others, I don’t know!“. It was enough for Cyril Hanouna to reveal, hilarious, to his columnist – as to all of his viewers – thatHelene Mannarino”is the companion of one of the bosses of C8. Enough to embarrass his employee but also and above all the main interested party. At the time, the journalist is indeed in a relationship with Vincent Pujol.

How Hélène Mannarino reacted to discovering this sequence

At that time, Hélène Mannarino is on the train. It is his best friend who informs him of the situation. “My first reaction was to call my father. He had seen it live and was devastated“, reports the main interested in the magazine QG. If Hélène Mannarino affirms that “that [lui] passes over“, in reality, she struggles to digest the violence of the words of Matthieu Delormeau. “My first concern was not that people say on the air ‘she’s in a relationship with the guy from C8’, but ‘My parents, damn… My brothers and sisters, my aunts, my uncles.. .’When can he afford to say that, he who has never done anything in his life? If he had just said ‘ah well I don’t know her’ but there, it was violent“, she laments.

As for the fact that her private life is thus thrown into the woods, Hélène Mannarino almost expected it. “Talking about my private life is the risk when you’re exposed. I was in a relationship with a C8 person, from whom I am separated today, it was the risk“, she believes. However, Hélène Mannarino does not understand the interest of having spoken at this precise moment of her relationship with Vincent Pujol. “What bothered me is that it didn’t bring anything, in fact. It’s free. I realized what it could mean to be on the air, to go on television. You can get destroyed like this, for no reason“, analyzes the journalist. Above all, this would certainly not have been the case if Hélène Mannarino had been a man. Cyril Hanouna would not have swayed his private life in this way.

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