Here it all starts (spoilers): Axel is fired from the Institute and Anaïs plans to keep the baby

This Thursday, May 12 in Here it all begins (6:35 p.m., TF1), the tension rises between Teyssier and Axel, who finds himself accused by Louis. For their part, Anaïs and Lisandro discuss their possible future baby while Kelly makes a pact with Teyssier.

Thursday, May 12 in Here it all begins, things get even more complicated when Teyssier (Benjamin Baroche) brings the police captain to the Institute to question Louis (Fabian Wolfrom). The latter explains again that if he had the keys to the ballroom, it was to program the video projector and propose to Charlene (Pola Petrenko) . He concludes by saying that he too has information on the evening of the accident and, once Teyssier has left, explains that he saw Axel Teyssie (Thomas Da Costa) tampering with the disco ball. When Axel is questioned in turn, he confirms having manipulated the disco ball during its installation, but claims to have returned home afterwards. Without any witnesses to confirm his alibi, Axel remains in a delicate position that Teyssier blames him for…

After the interrogation, Louis goes to see Charlène and points out her lack of reaction when he told her that he intended to ask her to marry him. The young woman apologizes but when Louis asks her the question, she tells him that she loves him but thatshe doesn’t want to get married right away… Louis then receives a visit from Axel while he is waiting for his students, and Teyssier’s nephew comes to apologize. Only he then asks Louis to reconsider his testimony placing him in the ballroom but, as one might expect, Louis refuses. The teacher then provokes Axel until the latter attacks him again, and in front of his students this time. When Salomé (Aurélie Pons) meets Axel, she gets angry with him because she had warned him, Louis plays psychological games. Annoyed, Salomé goes on to say that she didn’t want his help and that he let her go.

Salome violently rejects Axel

After Salomé, it’s Teyssier’s turn to reprimand Axel, telling him thathe attacked a professor at the Institute and he can’t let this go. He forbids him to attend classes as a free auditor and tells him that he will not be able to pass the competition or enter the Institute. On his side, Anaïs finally confesses to Lisandro Agustin Galiana) that she doesn’t want to keep the baby but if this one seems understanding, that does not prevent him from returning to the attack several times during the day to try to convince Anaïs (Julie Sassoust) that there is no good time to have a child. An argument to be discussed which still upsets Anaïs to the point that she questions her decision to have an abortion. Finally, Kelly (Axelle Dodier) makes a deal with Teyssier: if she manages to cook the dish he asks her, she can return to the Institute and shorten her recovery period. Too tired, however, she does not manage to go all the way and realizes, with Lionel (Lucien Belvès), that the headmaster pushed her to realize herself that she is far from cured and able to cook.


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