Here it all starts (spoilers): Jude kisses Eliott and Salomé surprises Thomas half-naked

On Thursday November 24 in Here it all begins (6:35 p.m., TF1), nothing is going well in the couple of Greg and Eliott. For her part, Salomé sees her will put to the test…

In the November 24 episode of Here it all begins, Hortense (Catherine Davydzenka) does what she can to restore communication between Greg (Mikaël Mittelstadt) and Eliott (Nicolas Anselm), but they no longer understand each other. Eliott resents Greg for being so jealous while Greg is frustrated by the naivety of his boyfriend who does not realize that Jude (Galaad Quenouillere) is flirting with him. In pairs with the student from Lille, Eliott assures him that he does not regret his choice, and continues to confide in his past. While they are practicing cooking, an awkwardness pushes them to touch their hands, a gesture which creates a certain tension between the two students and which Jasmine (Zoï Sévérin) surprises by arriving in the studio. When she recounts the scene to Greg and Lionel (Lucien Belves), Jasmine underlines the fact that something fishy seemed to be happening but she encourages Greg to go talk to his boyfriendunlike Lionel who thinks that a confrontation with Jude is the best solution.

Later while they are in the park, Greg just sees Jude passing by and challenges him to go and confront him. He tells her to stop flirting with Eliott and threatens him before shoving him, and ends up swinging that anyway Eliott is asexual and that he can therefore flirt with him as much as he wants. When Eliott learns that Greg told Jude about his sexuality., he is going to explain himself with him but the discussion still turns sour, leaving Greg with tears in his eyes in Jasmine’s arms, fearing to lose Eliott for good. For his part, the young man has gone to join Jude in the marshes, with whom he begins to dance until Jude leans in to kiss her.

Will Clotilde discover the truth?

Elsewhere near the Institute, Salomé (Aurélie Pons) and Kelly (Axelle Dodier) meet Thomas (Ifig Brouard) with his daughter, and see him as attentive with she upsets Kelly, who has a big anxiety attack later that day because of his father. As she explains to her sister and her aunt, the young woman has the impression that the one she saw with Thomas stole her life. Which complicates the situation even more for Salomé, who came across a Thomas in a towel who was coming out of the showers and who finds it more and more difficult to resist him… Finally Clotilde (Elsa Lunghini) wants to clear up the whole story with Jérémy (Pierre Hurel) and Joachim (Janis Abrikh). So she decides to confront Joachim, who lies and assures him that he does not know the woman Jeremy saw him with. For his part, the young man does not budge, even if it means alienating his mother. Only a few days before leaving for Australia, he is therefore told by Clotilde that he can stay until his departure but that she will avoid meeting him until then…

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