90 Day Fiance star Patrick Mendes lives a luxurious life thanks to his career in sales.
Patrick Mendes makes a good living for himself with his sales career. Pic credit: TLC

Patrick Mendes is one of the newest cast members of 90 Day Fiance. The Texas native joined the show with his fiancee, Thais. The two met while he was visiting his dad in Brazil, and immediately formed a relationship.

Since bringing his future bride to America, Patrick has been showing her a glamorous life filled with lavish gifts, fancy dinners, and a new home bigger than anything she expected.

Patrick has flaunted his luxurious lifestyle on the show to not only Thais, but also to viewers. Now fans will get a peek of what Patrick does for a living to afford his fancy digs.

Patrick Mendes is focused on his sales career

In his debut on the show, Patrick mentioned he worked in sales for a security company. According to his LinkedIn account, he works for Vivint Smart Home as a general manager.

The position, which he’s held since 2013, has an average salary in the six figures. When talking about his role, Patrick mentioned that he’s brought in roughly 10 million dollars in sales contracts and has been the number one sales rep more than once.

Patrick’s career in sales took off after his Olympic dreams died. He used his athletic abilities to earn a spot on the national weightlifting team. He was hoping to represent the U.S. in the 2012 Olympics. Unfortunately, he was removed from the team after testing positive for performance enhancing drugs.

Years later, Patrick had a second violation where he tested positive for performance enhancements yet again. This ruined any chance he had at competing in the Olympic Games. So, Patrick returned to Texas and shifted his focus to door-to-door sales.

Patrick moved his way up the ladder, and currently manages a handful of sales teams in various cities in Texas. His brother, John, who is seen on the show as well, also works for Vivint. Unlike Patrick, he focuses on installations.

Patrick and Thais are struggling to overcome the drama in their relationship

Although Thais appeared to be impressed by Patrick’s cars, money, and beautiful home, she is not happy about his brother being in the picture.

John lives with Patrick and the two made it clear that he wasn’t moving out any time soon. This did not make Thais happy, and she immediately butted heads with John. The two not being able to get along has caused tension in her relationship with Patrick.

Adding to the drama, in a recent episode, Patrick confessed to cheating on Thais early in their relationship. This explained why he shared his phone’s location with Thais. She no longer trusted him and wanted to always know his whereabouts.

Patrick believed he’d done enough to regain her trust, and argued it was time to move on from the incident. Thais, however, did not seem too happy with his argument.

The two appear to have different views on the life they want to live and agree on very little. This has caused friction in their relationship and left their future plans unclear.

90 Day Fiance airs Sunday nights at 8/7c on TLC.

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