Christopher Walken in Severance

The preparations for Dune 2 are making great strides. After two key roles for the science fiction sequel have already been cast in the past few weeks, today is probably the one that reaches us most significant choice of an actorthat the second Dune film ever has to offer.

The ruler of the universe has only been named so far. We have seen Emperor Shaddam IV not in Dune though. Once again Hollywood reporters reports, Christopher Walken will slip into the role of the powerful one who, as the great villain behind the scenes, has orchestrated the downfall of House Atreides.

Dune 2: Christopher Walken plays Emperor Shaddam IV.

With this, Dune 2 has secured another big name. Walken is definitely a striking actor who fits perfectly into this universe. Just the thought of seeing him on screen alongside Stellan Skarsgård’s abominable Baron Harkonnen promises to be a cinematic moment to remember.

Christopher Walken in Severance

Additionally, Florence Pugh and Austin Butler recently joined the cast of Dune 2. Pugh takes on the role of Princess Irulan, the daughter of the evil Emperor. butler personified Feyd-Rauthawho, as the nephew of Baron Harkonnen, is drawn into the bloody conflict on Arrakis.

Sci-Fi replenishment: When will Dune 2 start in cinemas?

Filming on Dune 2 will begin in Budapest this summer. Denis Villeneuve returns as director and brings along the well-established team behind the first part. If all goes well, we can look forward to a theatrical release on October 19, 2023 be happy.

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