Steven Seagal in Cruelty and John Leguizamo in the John Wick franchise

Some actors are considered immensely unpopular among Hollywood colleagues. Action star Steven Seagal is a prominent example because of various alleged assaults. His former co-star John Leguizamo (John Wick) has now got back at him for such an event. By having him as inspiration for his unfortunate character in The Menu took.

Because of brutal assault: action star Steven Seagal gets his fat off in The Menu

There, Leguizamo plays a jaded action star who grasps at any straw imaginable, making immoral and foolish decisions to ensure continued success but caused his situation himself. The actor explained opposite Entertainment Weekly :

I modeled my character after Steven Seagal. We have in common [den 1996er Actionfilm] Made lonely decision. He’s a terrible person.

Steven Seagal in Cruelty and John Leguizamo in the John Wick franchise

That behind this statement is not just a harmless difference of opinion, Leguizamo revealed, among other things, back in 2012 in a conversation with AV Club :

We have [für Einsame Entscheidung] rehearsed and [Seagal] came in and said, “I’m giving the orders here. What I say is the law.” i giggled I mean who talks like that? So he has me hit a wall with an aikido elbow, that took all my breath away. I fell to the ground and just gasped, “Why?”

It is by no means the only report of a Seagal assault. An actress accused him of sexual violence (via USAToday ). The action star was originally supposed to take on a famous role from Vin Diesel. But the director refused tohuge ass” to cast. Leguizamo’s reputation, on the other hand, has no such blemishes. Somehow they begrudge him his belated revenge.

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