In 2009, television chef Horst Lichter married his longtime girlfriend Nada in the registry office in Rommerskirchen.  (Photo)

Always in a good mood and with a snappy saying on his lips – that’s “Bares for Rares” star Horst Lichter. But he has suffered severe blows of fate that you don’t see in the cheerful Rhenish nature.

When he swings the wooden spoon in cooking shows or in the ZDF at “Cash for Rares” Examines antiques under the magnifying glass and chats casually with the guests, not a dry eye stays with the TV viewer. Horst Lights is indisputably one of the best-known audience favorites on German television. But his life was not always as happy as Horst Lichter likes to be in front of the cameras.

Horst Lichter really wanted to be a chef

Immediately after graduating from school at the age of 14, Horst Lichter wanted to prove his love for cooking in an apprenticeship. But the first disillusionment with the former dream job came early. The rough tone in the kitchens made Horst Lichter refrain from working as a cook. At the age of 19 he married his first wife, bought a house and became a father. The money worries didn’t get any smaller, so Horst Lichter started working in a briquette factory like his father.

Horst Lichter had three children with his first wife, one of whom died of sudden infant death

The years that followed were to be the most dramatic of Horst Lichter’s life. His first child died of sudden infant death syndrome before he had two more children with his first wife: son Christopher and daughter Janina. Horst Lichter also worked at a junkyard to keep his family afloat. But the strain put Horst Lichter, who comes from Nettesheim, on: He suffered his first stroke at the age of 26, the second at 28 and a heart attack as well. Although Horst Lichter was able to jump off the shovel at the last moment at the age of almost 30, lengthy months in rehab followed. Barely recovered, Horst Lichter suffered the next stroke of fate: his marriage broke up.

Horst Lichter has his own restaurant at last

However, the paralysis on one side, a result of his body on strike, made Horst Lichter wake up and he only wanted to do what he liked best. Horst Lichter opened the “Oldiethek” in 1990, a restaurant with coffee, cake and wine and lots of collector’s scrap. The concept worked: if you wanted to eat in Horst Lichter’s restaurant, you sometimes had to wait a year for a table. And the very big private happiness should be waiting for him in the “Oldiethek”. His future wife Nada worked as a waitress in the restaurant for 13 years.

Horst Lichter privately with his family – today other people swing the wooden spoon

The restaurant is now closed because Horst Lichter has dedicated himself to new tasks. He wrote cookbooks and wanted to take his recipes out into the world with “a lot of butter and cream”. Horst Lichter designed his own beer brand. He toured the country with his comedy and cooking programs, and he also made it big as a TV chef. Incidentally, Horst Lichter married his Nada in 2009. His second wife is his home port, does the home cooking and gives Horst Lichter the strength for his tasks.

At “Bares for Rares” Horst Lichter lives out his passion for antiques

But the kitchen is not the only profession in which Horst Lichter feels at home. He likes to go on small and large tours on his motorbike. And the all-rounder has also made a name for itself as a passionate TV dealer. The 58-year-old, whose heart beats privately in front of fast vintage cars, has been in office as a presenter for ZDF since 2013 and regularly rummages through precious treasures with patina. Since “Bares for Rares” turned out to be a real ratings hit in the daytime program, the antique show on ZDF was quickly given a slot in the evening program – Horst Lichter has already invited in several episodes alongside his co-moderator Steven Gätjen at Castle Ehreshoven for an art treasure appraisalmore episodes are planned.

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