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How does Joana end in O Cravo e a Rosa? Laundress will have a happy ending

how does joana end up in the carnation and the rose

Character suffers great disappointment with loved one, but everything is right in the end.

How does Joana end in O Cravo e a Rosa e Batista? The couple goes through ups and downs in the soap opera and after she discovers the secret that her lover deceived her for 10 years, the laundress doesn’t want to hear from him anymore. However, when love speaks louder, it’s hard to resist. At the end of the telenovela, Joana hears a public declaration that softens her heart.

How does Joana’s story in the soap opera O Cravo e a Rosa end?

Happy and next to Batista is how Joana’s story ends in O Cravo e a Rosa. In the last moments of the telenovela, Batista realizes that Joana is his true love. In addition to leaving Marcela, he also leaves his dream of becoming mayor behind and publicly declares himself to the laundress.

Luís Melo’s character says during a public appearance that to become mayor, he would need to give up his family, so he ends up dropping everything. Then he declares that he will give up his dream in political life, because what interests him is staying with his love.

Heedless of the looks, gossip and spotlight, Batista goes to his wife and children for a reconciliation. Despite the disappointments and the painful breakup with Batista, Joana ends up giving in and returns with her lover. Joana’s plot ends with Batista and his children living in the banker’s mansion.

How Joana discovered the truth about Batista in O Cravo e a Rosa

Before how everything ends in Joana’s plot in O Cravo e a Rosa, the laundress goes through great moments of disappointment when she discovers that Manoel is actually Nicamor Batista and that he is a rich banker and not the traveling salesman who thought he had a relationship. She discovers the truth about her lover because of Berenice (Bernadeth Lyzio).

Berenice goes to the rich man’s house to get clothes and comes across a portrait of the banker. Realizing the similarity between “Manoel” and Batista, the woman runs to tell her friend everything, who is devastated.

Remember the plot of the couple in the novel by Walcyr Carrasco:

And how is Marcela in O Cravo e a Rosa

After being dropped by Batista, Marcela gets sick. She also loses her father’s inheritance, Joaquim (Carlos Vereza), who leaves everything he had to Januário (Taumaturgo Ferreira), discovered throughout the plot as the rich man’s lost son. Without a penny in savings, she ends up accepting Heitor’s (Rodrigo Faro) proposal to pretend to be brothers to apply scams.

The bad character goes after Marcela in the final chapters of the plot and proposes the deal. After Marcela considers the proposal and accepts it, Dinorá’s brother already proposes the first victim of the duo, the owner of the hotel. They then finish the soap opera O Cravo e a Rosa as partners.

Joana finishes the Cravo and A Rosa happy and Heitor and Marcela end up as partners – Photo: Reproduction/Globo

Where is Tássia Camargo?

The actress who was Joana in O Cravo e a Rosa has been away from the small screen for a few years, but anyone who thinks she is retired is wrong. The famous decided to stay away from soap operas, but remains focused on her work as an actress in the theater and as an acting teacher. She currently lives in Portugal. Tássia moved there in 2017 and now works at Nicolau Breyner Academia.

The actress’s most recent project with the students was the play Viúva, but honest, a free adaptation of a work by Nelson Rodrigues. In Brazil, the last appearance of the famous on the small screen was with the soap opera Vidas Opostas (2006 – 2007), on Record TV. Tássia’s last work at Globo was the soap opera Malhação (2005).

In 2019, Tássia had a scare when she suffered a heart attack, but the actress recovered from what happened. She is the mother of Pedro Boffa and Diego Boffa. In 1996, she lost a two-year-old daughter to late congenital rubella.

Recent image of the actress with Martinho da Vida – Photo: Reproduction/Instagram/tassiacamargo

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