Dua Lipa Concert

Dua Lipa he is traveling all over the world thanks to his Future Nostalgia Tourwith which she will soon visit our country, and in one of her concerts, the artist received a curious request from a fanatic that went viral on social media.

Fan asks Dua Lipa to sign a part of her body in full concert

throughout his series of recitals around the planet, which to date already total about 60, there have been several curious moments. Jokes with his microphone, falls, and even meetings with his friends in which he has even practiced his Spanish.

However, according to our sister radio, Activa, in the most recent concert of Dua Lipa, made in the Tenelné Pole Stadium in the Slovak city of Bratislava, had a fun moment.

In this presentation he gave within the framework of the LovestreamFestivala Czech fan of the artist attended her show with a very special poster.

“Today I won, guys”wrote the young woman identified as Anna in a post on her Twitter account. There she shared a photograph of herself holding the sign that read: “Dua, sign my boob please.”

Twitter: @_tipycalanna

But that was not all, since in the same publication on the social network, he wrote: “This is my claim to fame.” This accompanied by a video with the very Dua Lipa reading her poster during the concert.

The British singer was beginning to interpret the theme Good In Bed. It was at that moment that he looked at Anna and said the following according to the medium. “I can’t go down and sign your young tit, but I can dedicate this song to you if you want«.

Although the fanatic could not leave the concert by Dua Lipa withn one of her signed breasts, there is no doubt that she equally enjoyed the concert that featured about 40 thousand spectators.

Check the video below:

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