“I have created pieces from scratch;  I'm a designer"

Cindy Martínez knows how to take advantage of stones to make luxurious garments

Cindy Martínez was attracted to jewelry since she was a child, especially metal jewelry, due to the casting process involved.

It seems that this attraction came embedded in his veins, because he has never managed to get away from it. Since October 2014, she not only stops to contemplate pieces, but also makes them herself.
And to make them, he uses precious stones, as diverse as the clients he has been getting along the way.

Cindy started in jewelry, at a difficult time, but overcame obstacles. Being a mother and with the arrival of a second baby, the father of her children was left without a job and she had given up the one she had. By that time “the pineapple turned sour” and she had to explore “escape routes”, making the imagination and creativity flow that she carries with her.

“I decided then to start the jewelry business, to contribute my grain of sand at home. Since that was in trend, I took private classes and various costume jewelery techniques”, recalls the enterprising woman, in a conversation with the newspaper elCaribe

Specifically, her project consists of the creation and design of pieces of jewelry in materials with a good finish and precious stones and metals. He has been creating a fusion between one and the other.

Manages the two areas, both goldsmithing and jewelry. Among the main precious stones that it uses (as raw material) are the national ones (which exist in the Dominican Republic), including larimar and amber. He also works in mother-of-pearl, coral and a wide range.

In its portfolio of products there are -additionally- pieces made of coconut gourd and cow horn. Among the international gems he has used agate, volcanic lava, gold rain, tiger’s eye and jade. But there are many stones and material with which you can make true works of art.

The garments that Cindy makes are usually more sought after by women. Let’s say it’s her strong market. But it is not limited, and it has a significant number of male clients. “In fact, last December, at Fashion Week in Monte Cristi, I presented my first collection focused on men. There were only pieces of larimar, with a variant of black larimar and red betas (…) ”, she recalls.

By then, there were pearl necklaces. The collection had 19 pieces and was one hundred percent focused on men. In her career, Cindy has worked on men’s brooches, bracelets with spheres and other types that are personalized. “We have a clear focus on men, too”, she assures in the conversation with this newspaper.

When you evaluate what the project was at its inception, eight years earlier, and what it is now, the conclusion is that it has achieved considerable progress.

“I could tell you that it has been from heaven to earth. And that is what led me to enter the university and start taking another point of reference, so as not to be only the person who makes a replica, a piece”, she indicates.

And she adds: “That is why I can say that I am a designer, because I have been able to create pieces from scratch”.
He recognizes that there is always a referent that will be taken from the story, but beyond that, there is a concept that must be handled in each piece, and an idea in coherence with the colors that are going to be applied.

“There is an ergonomic for the functionality of the piece when it adapts to the person who is going to use it. For example, at first I made a necklace and then I didn’t get the shape of the neck well and it was annoying or I didn’t take the type of fabric into consideration (…), but the ones I make today are very different from those of that time”, he recalls. .

He says that he stays in the middle of the road, in a continuous learning process. “I understand that it is important when you want to set a benchmark in what you are dedicated to; you don’t necessarily have to get a college degree,” adds Cindy.

“I have begun to acquire knowledge in precious gems, which I was not necessarily going to obtain in university. I have done it in a self-taught way, reading and researching with my book of gems, which is my second bible, and so on”, he explains.

The competition is wide in the world of tailoring or making parts in which Cindy moves. However, the enterprising lady assures that she has differentiating elements, enough for the purchaser of a garment to feel satisfied with each purchase.

“I don’t just focus on selling you a piece that you buy from me. I design with you, because when they ask me for something personal, that’s how we do it, so that the client uses the piece and doesn’t leave it in a drawer, which tends to happen a lot when buying on impulse”.

He states that he does not like to see consumerism just because. “I am a person who likes to create something that is friendly to the environment (…)”, she says.

For handmade pieces that do not require the intervention of machines, Cindy’s workshop is her home. And when she has to do a silver smelting process, then there are friendly workshops that provide her with the service, whether she does it herself or that she hires.

Its form of sale is “online”. And he has a person who takes pieces to Texas, United States, where he sells them, sporadically. But in general, their garments are delivered by order.

In several years, she hopes to have a physical place, not only to sell jewelry, but also for something more complementary, adjusted to the culture of this country. She knows that there are multiple opportunities for growth and she is willing to take advantage of them.

“I want to have a place to promote not only jewelry, but where one can promote one or another piece related to Dominican culture,” he says. She can be contacted by phone 829-871-6376 and by social networks through the account @Cindymartinezdesign.

For merchandise orders that may not be available, Cindy advises placing orders preferably 15 days in advance, depending on the part.

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