Imagine Dragons in Vienna: confetti for Ukraine

Andrew Gabalier

Everything at the show was planned down to the smallest detail, brushed for a big show, just Las Vegas. Imagine Dragons are loud, colourful, American – and very professional. Their sound is broad, the lyrics are sometimes banal, sometimes very personal. Music that inspires millions of people worldwide: They buy their albums, stream their songs on Spotify and let the band register ring. So that the flow of money doesn’t stop, news is shared on social media almost every day in the form of pretty pictures or short films. The band is presenting their new album “Mercury – Act 2”, which will be released on July 1st, today, Friday, in Vienna via a live stream on Instagram (@imaginedragons). The lines will glow.

However, their continued success since the release of their debut album “Night Visions” (2012) stands in stark contrast to the attested quality: Slipknot singer Corey Taylor recently even called them “the worst band in the world”, which of course is complete nonsense. What is true, however, is the fact that their albums are seldom met with euphoria from critics. If you will, Imagine Dragons have something in common with Andreas Gabalier: spurned by the critics, but they fill stadiums. The Erst-Happel Stadium was also almost sold out, and the atmosphere was better than at a home game of the Austrian national team.

Musically, everyone got their money’s worth that evening: there were opulent pop moments with pounding beats, hip-hop digressions, the guitars smelled odd at timesMingling, sometimes rocking, sometimes sounding funky and even synthesizers got their minutes of use. A concert like a buffet: there was something for everyone.

Songs like “Whatever It Takes” and “It’s Ok” are all hits that are allowed to rotate for weeks and several times a day in the most diverse format radio stations. Everything sounds predictable. It should. Because where Imagine Dragons is written on it, Imagine Dragons should also be inside. Similar to Coca-Cola

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