Ludmilla denies indirect during the show and shoots: "It's crazy"

The former dancer It’s the tchan🇧🇷 Scheila Carvalhodecided to share with his 6 million followers on Instagrama moment when he hit hard at the gym.

The brunette published a video in which she appeared training her legs, wearing a top and shorts glued. In the caption, she even encouraged fans to get out of sedentary lifestyle.



“I totally agree @paulomuzy ! Take action soon!!! No more sedentary lifestyle!!!! No more procrastinating!” subtitled, earning several comments from Internet users.

“I get sick just looking at it”joked one. “I wanted so much of your determination”confessed another. “I even got excited now”said a third person, reel gives famous which already has over 300,000 views.


Recently, Carvalho gave an interview to WHOin which he spoke about the regret he had at the time when his body became too muscular, due to intense training.

“I had a very radical phase in which I saw myself as very big. Did not like. I just took a test and regretted it. But I went back to natural, training at home. I haven’t been to the gym for three years. I maintain a healthy diet, but I have a social life, I like to have a glass of wine with my husband. We cannot deprive ourselves of our leisure time either”, said.

“It’s a natural thing for me. I like to be feeling good. I don’t do it because of aesthetic pressure from anyone. It’s something that comes from the inside out of me. I feel good like this. If I sometimes go off the diet, I know I won’t feel good afterwards. Then I run after the damage. I think it’s all about balance.” pondered further.

Scheila also spoke of the project she developed with her nephew, during the pandemic, to help people exercise without having to leave their homes.

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“Since the pandemic, I developed a project with my nephew, who is a personal trainer, of training lives, because of the gyms that were mostly closed. I saw that many people were going through the same situation as mine of wanting to train at home. We’ve gotten incredible results from people who have lost up to 40kg at home. Now we are going to launch ShapeMe Hard 2.0”said.


In time, the famous made a reflection on the networks about the special moments of life.

“Every day can be special, because they all start with infinite possibilities and the same unknown: what are you going to do with another twenty-four hours? Everything or nothing? Maybe it’s not necessary, not so much, not so little, just do what will make you happy, whatever the day, “he said at the time.

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