In a top, Juliette flaunts a negative belly and releases new music

The singer Juliette Freirewinner of the BBB 22, enchanted the followers and gained several likes after updating her Instagram with a devastating dance to publicize her new song, Tired of Dancing.

In the publication, the cat appeared lavishing sensuality and a lot of sympathy with a powerful black look, which was composed of a little black sequined top and high-waisted pants.

“Feeling heat… 🔥Of course there’s dancing!! Let’s warm up the week with the #CansarDeDançarChallenge?! I want to see everyone doing and tagging the hashtag, see?!”, provoked the paraibana, asking the fans to reproduce the choreography.

Among the comments on the post, which had more than 600 thousand likes, fans and friends of the artist loved the promotion of the new single. “What a cat 😍 rocked it 👏”, ​​he said Lucas Guimarãeshusband of Carlinhos Maia.

dance gorgeous“, reacted the singer Elba Ramalho. “Above you only the crown”, melted a follower. “That puts the beauty in the game ❤️”, said another fan.

Received support from Anitta with professional work

After surprising everyone with her talent as a singer, Juliette said that much of her first work is due to Anitta. The funkeira was responsible for making the artistic direction of the EP from Paraíbawhich has seven new songs.

“God knows a lot about what he does. Having a person who has already been beaten so much in his career supporting me, saying ‘calm down, this is normal’ and giving me a hand, is very important. It’s scary to enter a whole new scenario, without any experience, in the midst of all this positive chaos that is happening in my life. If I didn’t have a person like her, I don’t know if I would have the strength to make it happen. If I spent six, eight hours in the studio, she would be helping me, letter by letter, giving tips on everything,” she told the newspaper O Globo.

Juliette confessed that the recording process of her EP was not easy, but she always received help from Anitta.

“I even cried telling her that I couldn’t, and Anitta was on the phone saying ‘take it easy, it’s like that with me too’. When she was recording abroad, she called me to show her process, which she also suffered and repeated a thousand timeseven after so many years of career”, he concluded.

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