In this thriller you can stand it when a physicist is murdered

He has to interview the arrested physicist. Like her dead colleague, she worked at the CERN nuclear research center in Geneva. CERN! On the trail of the secrets of the universe. This is not only of interest to journalists. And Geneva is also interesting: cheese fondue and Frankenstein’s monster, conceived by Mary Shelley 200 years ago in this place during a storm.

science and literature. Entertainment and information, one very unobtrusively mixed into the other.

Over a beer in the CERN canteen, talking about envy and resentment: how attempts are made to “kill” the competitor’s theories. Yes, that’s the best way to endure the murder story; and remember that there is always someone trying to play God.

Before she began writing, Mary Shelley had seriously discussed with friends whether the dead could be resuscitated, perhaps with electricity. Your novel is not a horror story, but a warning.

But a few kilometers from that villa, science today would not mind repeating the Big Bang. You hope to fail. Failure is much healthier.

Otto Mueller Verlag.
320 pages.
25 euros

KURIER rating: ****

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