Indicted for rape, Sofiane Bennacer (Les Amandiers) is dismissed from the César 2023

The 25-year-old actor completely denies the charges against him.

On the eve of the theatrical release of almond trees, an article from Le Parisien revealed on Tuesday that the actor Sofiane Bennacer had been indicted in October following accusations by four ex-girlfriends. The alleged facts would have occurred between 2018 and 2019 in Mulhouse, Strasbourg and Paris.

“There were two indictments for acts of rape” on two ex-girlfriends as well as a third “Indictment for spousal abuse”, said the prosecutor of Mulhouse, where the case is being investigated. As part of a fourth complaint filed by another ex-girlfriend who denounced acts of rape, he was placed under the more favorable status of assisted witness.

He was also placed under judicial supervision with a ban on traveling to Paris, the Paris region, Strasbourg and Mulhouse. Nor can he meet the complainants and witnesses, including Valeria Bruni-Tedeschi, heard as a witness in the case. According The Parisian, the director of almond trees would be the partner of the actor.

The Academy of Cinema Arts and Techniques reacted Wednesday evening in a press release: “The information published by the press since November 22 concerning the indictment of actor Sofiane Bennacer and the judicial review imposed on him, ordered, without prejudice to the presumption of innocence and out of respect for the presumed victims, to remove from the list of 32 Revelations, proposed as an indication on November 16 for the César 2023“.

In a long message shared on her Instagram account, Sofiane Bennacer strongly disputes the facts of which she is accused: “I am innocent (…) Does the presumption of innocence still exist? Or are we in a state of lawlessness, a state where the simple baseless accusation can destroy a life? (…) If there was the slightest evidence against me, not just bogus testimonies, real evidence, I would already be in prison“.

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