Inês Brasil showed her breasts (Photo: Andy Santana/AgNews)

Inês Brazil, singer and iconic internet celebrity, was one of the highlights of the LGBTQIAP+ Parade that took place in São Paulo, last Sunday (19). In addition to stirring the audience with his remarkable phrases and speeches, the artist also drew attention by showing too much during the parade.

On the occasion, Inês went up in the electric trio with the singer ludmilla and there, he decided to go topless, getting her huge silicone breasts totally in evidence. The moment, of course, quickly went viral on social media and the famous once again ended up among the most talked about subjects.

See some photos from the moment:

prostitution past

In time, Inês gave an interview to Quem magazine, where she recalled details of her past. In this ocasion, she told about the time she was a prostitute in Germany.

“I could be a millionaire, with several imported cars. From the age of 22, earning a lot of money in prostitution until I was 43, when I came to Brazil to introduce myself to be a singer. He earned three, four thousand reais a day at the brothel. She was number one, the biggest prostitute in Germany. Everyone asked me to be Globeleza, but I wanted to be a prostitute”, she told.

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