Ingrid Chauvin always more in love: this tender moment with Philippe Warrin shared on Instagram

Sunday June 12, 2022, Ingrid Chauvin shared a snapshot taken alongside her companion, Philippe Warrin, on Instagram. In love, the actress wrote in the caption of this one a cash message about their relationship.

After divorcing Thierry Peythieu, Ingrid Chauvin did not expect to find love so quickly. And yet, life has put photographer Philippe Warrin, whom she has known for almost fifteen years, back on her path. Sunday June 12, 2022, it was while the couple enjoyed a romantic moment at the beach that the actress wrote: “Life always takes care of setting the record straight, it’s all a matter of time.“A few days earlier, the star of tomorrow belongs to us had mentioned their story in the columns of TV 7 Days. “I like to tell myself that things are written. These reunions are incredible, I never would have imagined this. I remember my son saying to me: ‘Why don’t you have a lover, mum?’ And fifteen days later, I fell on this man that I knew when I was younger“, she confided.

Assuring that it would have been difficult for her to trust a stranger, the pretty blonde added: “We found each other as if we had never left each other! However, eighteen years have passed…“Evoking her blended family and how her son, Tom, lived things, Ingrid Chauvin had declared last May to the magazine We both : “Everyone has found their place, everyone gets along well. For him, it’s just more. He has a unique relationship with each of the children. The age difference between them is not felt (…) I think it’s great, I have a house full of life with children, animals. It’s fun, it’s fun!” On December 17, 2021, for TV Starthe actress said:I never imagined myself falling back into a story – life can hold beautiful surprises that do good. It’s beautiful and positive!

Ingrid Chauvin: “Soul mates always end up finding each other”

On December 5, 2021, it was on Instagram that the actress had revealed to be in a relationship again. In the caption of a black and white snapshot, taken by her companion, she had revealed: “I like this photo, because it represents the past as well as the future. It also represents an impossible that becomes possible, then a dream that becomes today’s reality. 2 people can be made to be together, but for various reasons it’s not the right timing.On a positive note, she added:Fate takes care of the rest, soul mates always end up finding each other! So be confident, your soul mate may not be that far away.

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