Instant Vintage: when Renaud confided in Télé Star before inaugurating the Zénith de Paris in 1983

On the occasion of Renaud’s 70th birthday, which took place on Wednesday May 11, 2022, Télé Star decided to bring out of its archives photos of the singer dating from 1983, when he inaugurated the Zénith de Paris.

A true legend of the French music scene, Renaud celebrated his 70th birthday on Wednesday May 11, 2022. For the occasion, TV Star emerged from its archives of the photos of the singers dating from 1983. Aged 31 at the time, Renaud had the heavy task of inaugurating the Zénith de Paris, as he had confided in an interview with the magazine. “Of course, it scares me a little to wipe the plasters off. But unpretentious, not much more than if I were the day before an Olympia or a Bobino. I wanted a big room. The Palais des Congrés is a conference venue; the Hippodrome de Pantin, the public is parked there like cattle; the Palais des Sports was reserved until the end of 1984“, had explained the musician.

During this famous performance at the Zénith de Paris, Renaud had planned to perform no less than 25 songs. Some hits at the time were taken from his new album, called morgan of you. The musician had also spoken about one of his songs, entitled Déserteur. “This song is timeless. It’s the story of a guy who refuses the army for humanitarian reasons. I did not specifically direct it against the current power, but against all the powers“, had underlined the singer at that time. As a reminder, François Mitterrand had been elected President of the Republic two years earlier.

Renaud: “I would like my money to be used for the good of man and not for his evil”

In May 1981, I voted Coluche in the first round, and Mitterrand in the second, because I had no choice. If I’m not what it’s called a ‘disappointed with socialism’, I didn’t expect better! On the other hand, I am deeply shocked by the policy concerning nuclear power and defence. The left has not kept its promises! I pay a lot of taxes, I consider that normal. But I would like us to use this money for cancer research, for the construction of schools and hospitals, and not for the construction of aircraft carriers or ‘Mirage’. In a word, I would like my money to be used for the good of the man and not for his evil.“, added Renaud at the time.

A slideshow produced by Isabelle Minard-Borde


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