INTERVIEW.  Denitsa Ikonomova (Mask Singer): "With Karine Ferri, we didn't know we were exchanging a kiss"

This Friday, May 13, after seven weeks of competition, it was the Papillon who won the third season of Mask Singer. It was the Dancing with the Stars juror, Denitsa Ikonomova, who was hiding under this costume. She gives herself up to Télé Star.

Télé Star: Are there any competitions you don’t win?

Denitsa Ikonomova: (laughs) I’m sure there are. It is very surprising, even for me. I was not expecting it at all. I thought if I did a bonus or two, it would be really great.

Are you more proud to win Mask Singer that Dance with the stars ?

It’s quite different. It is another pride. Totally personal. Every time I do a dance competition or Dance with the stars, it’s always a victory for two, since these are couple dances. All the more so in DALS, where celebrities are given more prominence than dancers. Whereas in Mask Singerthis victory is mine, and no one else’s.

Did you know you could sing so well?

Not at all (laughs). That’s why at first I hesitated and wondered what I was going to do in Mask Singer, a singing contest. But it’s a great challenge. I asked the production if I could take singing lessons and how often. They said “As much as you want”, so I took it every day. I released my schedule. I didn’t mean to ridicule myself. I wanted to give myself all the means to go as far as possible. I’m a real competitor so when I do something, I try to do it well.

These messages from Jarry received by Denitsa Ikonomova during the filming of Mask Singer

What made you accept this crazy challenge?

Besides the challenge aspect, it’s because I love to sing. It was an exceptional context but a great opportunity to sing every day and have fun on stage. The producers immediately put me at ease.

Apart from Jarry, you have long given investigators a hard time. Are you proud of it?

I’m very happy with it, yes. For those who know me, it wasn’t difficult between the clues, my recognizable voice and my little accent so I was afraid it would be difficult to fool everyone. At first, I tried to make a more reserved character, who didn’t really know how to behave on stage. I even made missteps (laughs).

What about your relatives? Did they instantly find your identity?

Those who were watching, yes, quite quickly. They said “Don’t tell me you did Mask Singer ?” It was hard to lie to them.

During filming, did you receive messages from Camille Combal to try to find out if you were in this costume?

Camille, no, but Jarry yes! (laughs) Each time, I answered him: “What are you talking about? What butterfly are you talking about”. It’s hard to lie to your friends!

Denitsa Ikonomova: “When I saw this kiss, I thought ‘ah yes, it’s interesting'”

Even for a dancer, is it complicated to dance under the Butterfly costume?

Very complicated. I am a dancer but I wear costumes in which I am comfortable. The wings weighed five or six kilos. The antennas were getting caught in the wings all the time, so that on certain performances, they broke. I couldn’t turn my head the way I wanted. As soon as I turned, I was unbalanced by the wings which carried me away. I was also restricted in my movements by the harness etc. It was really not easy. Already singing was quite a challenge, but there, they didn’t spoil me with my costume (laughs). Even though he was awesome and I wouldn’t change him for the world.

Were you the one who chose Karine Ferri for the duo for this final?

No, it was not me who chose but I was delighted to be able to sing with her. Especially since we know each other very well. I had watched some of her performances on season 2, I thought she had a very nice grain of voice. We were both going very, very far on the vocals, so it was the duo I needed.

The kiss with Karine Ferri at the end of the performance thrilled Kev Adams…

Even me when I saw this kiss, I said to myself “ah yes, it’s interesting” (laughs) But we were not at all aware that we had exchanged a kiss. You can’t see anything in the costumes. With Karine, we just wanted to hug each other. We didn’t know that our mouths were touching (laughs).


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