Interviewee commits gaffe in 'Brasil Urgente' and Datena gives the best answer

During the ‘Urgent Brazil’ last Wednesday (04), Datena ended up going through an embarrassing situation with his interviewee. On that occasion, while talking to the delegate Roberto Monteirothe presenter was surprised to see the officer making a gaffe on live.

When commenting on the speech of the governor of São Paulo, Rodrigo Garcia, the delegate changed the name of the station and, instead of mentioning the Band, he ended up citing Record, causing a certain atmosphere in the studio. Faced with the embarrassing situation, Datena quickly interrupted Roberto and corrected him, giving an unexpected answer.

“Good afternoon, Datena, dear friend, and also to everyone who is watching Record”, said the interviewee, not realizing the mistake. Afterwards, the presenter made it very clear that ‘Brasil Urgente’ takes place in the and took the opportunity to send a message to the competitor.

“We thank those who are watching Record with Bacci and us here with Brasil Urgente. We really appreciate the audience, even because it’s competition, but it’s not the enemy. I’m friends with Bacci, with everyone at Record. We are grateful to the competition, to all the police programs that exist there, to the journalism that, in short, exists following the ills of everyday life”said Datena, turning around the situation.

Interviewee apologized to Datena

After becoming aware of the gaffe committed, the delegate apologized for what had happened. “Initially, I’m sorry. I woke up at 4 am, that’s why I’m kind of out of breath. Sorry for the mistake”he asked.

Datena then interrupted the interviewee and continued saying that there is no rivalry between broadcasters there. “It is not a matter of a faulty act. There is no rivalry here. To give you an idea, I used to change television so much that, sometimes, I would leave one television overnight. The other day, I didn’t even remember what television I was on, even Record was one of them.”said the communicator.

“It’s like I say here: There’s competition, but there’s no enmity in any way, on the contrary, it’s even a pleasure to mention the competitor. Bacci is my friend there and there are a lot of people who are friends of mine at Record.”he added.

Although it insists on showing the harmonious relationship with the competition, Datena has already pinned other broadcasters in some situations. In recent days, for example, the journalist has fired at other channels: “Poor quality journalism”. In March, the presenter of Brasil Urgente also exchanged live indirect with Bacciwhile both “disputed” an interviewee.

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Henrique Souza

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