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Fans of Walcyr Carrasco’s plot will be orphaned for a few afternoons. Anyone wondering if there’s Chocolate with Pepper today, Tuesday (22), will be disappointed with the news. The serial will be out of Rede Globo’s programming until next week and returns before the arrival of December.

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Is there Chocolate with Pepper today after Jornal Hoje? (22)

Those who are interested in whether Chocolate com Pimenta is on TV Globo today (Tuesday (22)) can keep their hopes up, as the serial will be off the air for the entire week. Since Monday (21) the soap opera has not been on TV Globo’s schedule and the story of Walcyr Carrasco only returns to the small screens from November 29, next Tuesday.

The broadcaster’s decision to remove the telenovela Chocolate com Pimenta from the air for a few days was taken because of the 2022 World Cup in Qatar. Due to the various games that take place throughout the day, it was necessary to make room in the schedule.

From now on, the 7:00 am, 10:00 am, 12:00 pm, 1:00 pm and 4:00 pm bands will feature football matches. Chocolate com Pimenta was not the only one affected, Sessão da Tarde, Globo Esporte, Encontro and Mais Você will also suffer from the changes. The group phase, which is the busiest of the World Cup, ends on December 2nd and the Cup final takes place on the 18th of the same month.

The channel’s other soap operas, O Rei do Gado no Vale a Pena Ver de Novo, Mar do Sertão, Cara e Coragem and Travessia are still on display. Verdades Secretas II, which was on display at 11:00 pm, has already been completed. The last chapter aired on November 18th, Friday.

Is there chocolate with pepper today? Novela is out of schedule until the 28th of November. Return is on the 29th, Tuesday – photo: reproduction/rede globo

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What will happen in the next chapters of Chocolate with Pepper

In the last episode aired of Chocolate com Pimenta before the break for the World Cup – on November 18 (Friday) – Guilherme was arrested for fighting with Count Klaus (Cláudio Corrêa e Castro) over Celina (Samara Felippo ). When the serial returns, the young man will be able to get out of jail.

Rodrigo Faro’s character will have the help of Margot (Rosamaria Murtinho), who will bribe Terêncio (Ernani Moraes), threatening to expose the delegate’s intimacy to the city.

After Guilherme’s release from prison, he will run away with Celina. However, unfortunately for the couple, they will be found and that is why Guilherme will end up being arrested again.

This time, the boy will have no escape. Powerful, Klaus will make threats and promise that Guilherme will not leave jail and that Reginaldo (Antonio Grassi) will be arrested if Celina does not marry him. The young woman will have no way out and will end up giving in, accepting to marry the old man.

Guilherme will then be free and find out about the union of the girl with the count. Instead of telling the truth, that Celina got married to protect her father and boyfriend from Klaus’ wrath, the young woman’s bad character, Graça (Nívea Stelmann), will lie to Guilherme and say that Celina married for money, leaving the young man shocked.

See the confusion that led Guilherme to jail in Chocolate com Pimenta:

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