Isabella Santoni dives into the sea with a green piece and exudes beauty

Isabella Santoni is enjoying sunny and very hot days in the Maldives and has been sharing the travel records on his social networks. In one of the publications, the actress appears all full, diving into the sea with a light green garment, lavishing beauty and good shape.

On the occasion, the famous published a video in which wearing a stylish thong bikini that further highlighted her beautiful curves and round butt. In the record, the actress appears leaving the room she is staying in and walking towards the balcony.

Upon arriving at the location, has a privileged view of the crystal clear sea, Isabella Santoni passes through a kind of net and then jumps into the water. “No maturity for this place!“, wrote the artist in the caption of the publication. “Best choice of the entire trip!”she added, that is staying at a luxury resort.

On the social network, Isabella’s video was very successful among fans and admirers of the actress and already has more than 101 thousand likes. over there, she was also surrounded by praise and comments beyond affection.

“Too beautiful”said a follower. “You always rock Isa! It’s wonderful”declared a fan. “Guys, what a beautiful mermaid”said a friend. “A true spectacle of great beauty”highlighted a boy. “Simply a Goddess in paradise”said another netizen.

Living with boyfriend

At the beginning of the pandemic, Isabella Santoni and her boyfriend, Caio Vaz, decided to live together. During an interview with the ‘Novela das 9’ podcast, the actress commented on the decision and revealed some details of the relationship with the boy.

“We rented for a period and it worked, then we rented another period… And at the end of the year we ended up renting on a long-term basis. Now we are together”explained the actress.

However, not everything is flowers in life together. Isabella Santoni described the positives and negatives of daily living with her boyfriend.

“The pros are that it gives security to the relationship, which is very good. It’s good to have your partner every day, there’s no longer that ‘I’m going to sleep at whose house? At home? Your home?'”she said with a laugh.

“And the cons… I think it’s having to learn to deal with daily living. Understand the quirks of the other. What the other likes to do. How is the mess of the other inside the house. Sharing your own room, your closet… But they are adaptable things, right? It’s nice to have a person on your side that you get along with, and everything is talked about.”explained the artist.

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