Isabella Santoni enjoys the beach with her body highlighted

Far from soap operas, the actress Isabella Santoni attracted a lot of praise on social media by sharing new records on the beach. On the occasion, the blonde who owns a sculptural body came up with a flashy and tight-fitting piece that became a topic among the big guys.

“Exploring the left corner of uluwatu at low tide,” he wrote in the caption. In the records, the pretty girl squanders her healed curves and a gigantic charisma. As expected, there was no shortage of praise.

“We are even thrilled with a kitten like that, I love it so much”, praised a boy. “Wow, what a show, I’m so in love”, declared the second. “Beautiful”, said the last one.


It is worth mentioning that, in the last year, Isabella Santoni used social networks to vent about endometriosis disease. In an alert tone, the blonde advised the crowd on the internet and said about the initial symptoms with the health problem.

“I always had a lot of cramping, but I thought it was normal. Then, I went to a doctor and she said that I shouldn’t take the medication I used to take every month. I had the copper IUD, so I was going to have the exam every six months, but the doctor didn’t see that it was out of place, so it was perforating the uterus. In addition to endometriosis, I had pain from the IUD. The treatment of endometriosis is to not bleed, and I was very reluctant to do that because I am all natural. I think menstruation is part of the female cycle. I’m taking the exam tomorrow to see my evolutionary grade. Several doubts arise in my head, such as if I freeze eggs, continue taking the pill or put an IUD. I’m still understanding about myself, about my process,” she commented.

In the sequel, the actress who acted in “Malhação Sonhos”, said that his mental health was impaired in the middle of the process of discovering the disease.

“And I’m still understanding about endometriosis, a disease that scared me and messed with me a lot. It’s something that needs to be warned for women to pay attention to, because it’s more common than we think. Sometimes we go through some difficult times to stop and look at ourselves with more affection and attention. Our body is very intelligent and communicates with us all the time. If you don’t hear it, it makes a way of being heard,” she stated.

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