Isabella Santoni flaunts curvy curves in a pink ensemble

Isabella Santoni continues to show good form on social media. The actress has been sharing several photos on the beach and, in one of the most recent, she appeared wearing a pink bathing suit. In addition to the hollowed-out piece, the beauty’s curves caught the attention of fans.

In the caption of the post, made on Instagram, she joked about enjoying her vacation. “I couldn’t show everything in the stories because it didn’t even fit anymore! Loving to turn on the Barbie girl mode and enjoy every second here”, wrote the famous, who received thousands of likes. Fans and friends reacted with lots of praise in the comment box.

See the actress’ post on social media:

talked about personal life

It is worth remembering that Isabella Santoni recently spoke about her personal life. In a very special participation on the Novela das 9 podcast, which airs on Gshow, the famous told details about her relationship with Caio Vaz. On the occasion, she commented on the couple’s life and said that they decided to live together during the pandemic.

“We rented it for a period and it worked, then we rented another period… And at the end of the year we ended up renting long term. now we are together“, explained the blonde.

In another excerpt, she said that there are good and bad things about living with her boyfriend. “The pros are that it gives security to the relationship, which is very good. It’s good to have your companion every day, there’s no longer that ‘I’m going to sleep at whose house? At home? Your home?'”, said.

More details

In another passage, she commented that there are also the difficult things of living together. “And the cons… I think it’s having to learn to deal with daily living, understand the other’s quirks, what the other likes to do, how is the other person’s mess inside the house, sharing one’s own room, the closet… But these are adaptable things, right? It’s good to have a person on your side who you get along with, and everything is discussed”, explained Isabella Santoni, who said she doesn’t dream of being a mother.

“It’s even a doubt I have. I don’t even know if I want to have children, you know? It seems that it is a condition for a woman: ‘After a certain age, you will become a mother’. And I don’t know if I have that desire. I was very afraid of having a child before the age of 25. Now I think if it comes, it came, but I’m taking care that it doesn’t happen now,” she concluded.

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